This is a story I wrote about King Andre.

King André (726-722 B.C.)

            King André was the king of Judah from 726-722 B.C. During his first year of reign he established a successful economy, selling and trading copper, tin, and bronze to other kingdoms. He also invented steel without knowing it. He mixed what he thought was charcoal with iron, and found out that if he got the right piece of “charcoal” it made the iron harder. He used the steel in the military for arrowheads and spears, but not all of the soldiers had steel weapons because it was still being developed.                                                                            In 725 B.C. King André took over the Egyptian empire because he thought the Nile River would make his kingdom’s agriculture flourish. With King André starting this war, the people of Judah thought he was forgetting the importance of religion, so they started to rebel against him. King André had asked his prophet, Micah, for help. Micah told him “You need to build temples in Egypt so our religion will spread.” King André did as he said, and the people of Judah were once again pleased with him.                                                                                                             In 724 B.C. King André took the captured Egyptian farmers, and had them teach the Judeans to farm. Ironically a great famine had struck the Assyrian Empire and they were willing to show Judah there building methods and trade pottery for food from Judah. To show their gratitude to Judah, the Assyrian Empire formed an alliance with them for years to come.           In 723 B.C. King André had a new threat, the Israelites. King André wanted peace, but the Israelites wanted war, so he attacked and destroyed Israel in one of the bloodiest battles ever, with over 600,000 casualties and deaths. With the Judah Empire now having control over the Egyptians and Israelites, there were few threats to the kingdom.     

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