A helicopter ride over Niagra Falls,Pennsylvania Amish Life,and interesting visits at gift shops and Restaurants and sight seeing round Lancaster.

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Hettie found all her feathers were intact,just a few standing on edge which gave her that startled look Oh well she thought at least I am still all there. Going back into the bedroom Lorac-ca looked up and asked,”All OK?” With a shaky smile Hettie nodded and crawled under her blanket to hide. Next morning the group gathered  after breakfast to choose  what they wanted to do for the day,most opted to go shopping and sight seeing round Niagara Falls. Hettie joined the daring ones who wanted to see the falls from the sky as the Maid of the Mist was not working That might be surprising after last nights incident with the door handle,( come to think of it kiwi’s have poor sight and a good sense of smell) anyway Hettie thought that it would be fun. They arrived at the helicopter port, watching the helicopter land with a group of people some of the group got a little nervous and changed their minds preferring to stay on the ground. So Hettie was put in the front seat where she could see out the front and through the bottom of the helicopter, when all were settled the helicopter rose in the air and flew round over the Falls and surrounding area. Hettie really enjoyed it being in the front had so many advantages no matter where she looked she could see some thing different, it was all so beautiful.Returning to the ground was some what of a let down Hettie thought she knew now why other birds liked to fly, the helicopter people took photos of the group while they were still in the helicopter and gave each a certificate of to say that they had joined the Niagara Helicopters High Fliers Club,  Hettie’s photo and certificate have their place on Hettie’s bedroom wall. It was near lunch time so after checking out the shops at the heliadrome the group returned to Niagara Falls, Hettie joined Lora-ca for lunch at a cafe across from the falls,being Christmas time they had a display of gingerbread houses Hettie thought they were too pretty to eat, the lunch was even better than Huhu bug stew ( well that may not be a good comparison). After lunch Hettie and Lora-ca went shopping they went to a small shop that sold alsorts of things and Hettie emerged in the company of two Canadian Mounted Police, one a large black bear the other a big brown moose(not so large really other wise they would not have fitted in her travelling bag)still the thought is rather nice to be in the company of such handsome escorts for the rest of the tour. That evening the whole group went out to dinner at a  Canadian log house, it was a variety show too in support of young Canadians who wanted to work in the theatre, it was a fun evening for everyone and the food was great too.Diane the tour guide informed the group they would have to be up early the next morning,as they were going back over the boarder and they needed to avoid the new shift of guards,  she knew from experience  they were often very unfriendly. Everyone trundled off to bed,rising early in the morning to reach the boarder at seven Thirty, where the guards were quite pleasant and efficient but rather young to Hettie’s way of thinking. After arriving at the hotel in Lancaster Pennsylvania the group went shopping again in the shopping center across from the hotel, Hettie found a wallet to replace her old one. The hotel had an indoor swimming pool and Hettie just could not resist its inviting call( yes I know Hettie swimming did she think she was a duck?) That night they went out to see a movie well more like a three in one show,film,actors and props (like guns firing) it was really well done, it was called ,”Jacobs Decision” the story of a young Amish man who had to choose between going back to the Amish people after being out in the world for a time or making a life in the world. Then the group went to dinner at a near by restaurant,Hettie just about flipped out over the Apple Butter she could have eaten heaps more and become a very rotund kiwi bird. Lora-ca almost had to roll Hettie back to the bus to get back to the hotel. Next day the group visited a house and a farm in the Amish area it seemed the Amish people don’t allow frills and buttons because they cause vanity in people, the use of telephones was limited to one outside on the road, though some times they did borrow tractors. houses were very basic and the clothing simple and rather pretty to a little brown kiwi’s eye. One thing that Hettie thought was great were the quilts the Amish women made they reminded Hettie of her trip up to Auckland to catch the plane to the USA,(the landscape was hedged by the blue sea,patches of greens,browns,oranges and other colours mingled with fluffy white clouds  as the plane flew over, it almost made Hettie home sick) Going back to the hotel after all the site seeing Hettie took a nap,then she and Lora-ca went to dinner in the hotel cafe that was good too. The next morning the Tour Bus headed for Washington D.C.  

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  • Karen Gross on Jan 25, 2010

    Hey, Hettie – I enjoyed reading more about the adventures of a kiwi in America. Glad to hear that you visited my home and nativeland Canada while you were on our continent. I’ve never been to Niagra Falls. My husband is not into travel. His favourite vacation spot is on our living room sofa.

    Great article, I like your style.

  • Christine Ramsay on Jan 25, 2010

    A beautifully told and charming story. well done.


  • Hettie on Aug 20, 2010

    What fun for Hettie to have Canadian Mountaed police to escort her home, even if they were only toys lol

  • Hettie on Sep 23, 2011

    Happy trails Hettie

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