Numbers play a big part in our lives. Here’s my own share.

I was doodling one boring early evening in the office (I don’t remember why I stayed late to begin with) when I started scribbling numbers out of my numerically incapable brain. It was refreshing to see myself play with numbers especially that numbers are my worst enemies. I loved them before and I thought I did well in math subjects (I once competed in statistics quiz bee in college), but somehow, I find computation unnecessarily toilsome (scientific calculator, hello?). I was best in math several times in elementary, but English and science had always been my babies (until Ma’am Notarte made me hate science so much; Ma’am Ladignon revived it though). Formulae and undecipherable symbols (to me, at least) amused me.

As a writer, it makes me wonder if I can do the same thing with numbers as I do to words and punctuations. That is, tell a story.

I’m starting with myself. May I present to you, the numbers in my life!

7 – My contestant number when I won three district academic competitions in elementary and high school. It’s my lucky number!

5 – My contestant number when I won the district level of news writing competition. It’s the same place I won in the provincial level. It’s my penultimate lucky number!

21 – The date I got hired on my first job and the same date I resigned (after three and a half years).

68 – My weight in sixth grade (Yah, yah, I was overweight).

34 – My waist line at 13 years old. I slimmed down to 29 in college but I managed to climb the scale since then (I’m working on it again).

15 – The journals I managed as Production Editor. Geo-Marine Letters was most special since it’s my first (and the EIC was so nice).

215 – The issues I had to publish annually (thank God I’m through).

19,000  – The annual page budget allotted to me (while most editors handled 12,000).

120,000  – The highest amount (in Philippine peso) my bank account had. It’s closed now. Don’t ask why.

61 – The days I lived in Baguio City for my media training. It was also the most expensive two months of my life.

151 – The Pokemon I knew by heart – down to the attack capabilities, to their weaknesses, to the sounds they make! I couldn’t accept it when new characters were introduced though so I stopped being a fan.

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  • h20ho on Jun 15, 2012

    for 1, I want 2 thank you 4 your numbers 2

  • h20ho on Jun 15, 2012

    for 1, I want 2 thank you 4 your numbers 2

  • sabanawaz on Jul 26, 2012


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