A funny story I want to share.

One day I was on the school headed for home and I noticed a weird smell. I thought we were just passing a building that made the smell but the smell lasted for a good deal of the trip. I looked down at my shoes to see if I stepped in dog crap but I saw that I did not have it on my shoes. I used my coat to cover up the smell by covering my face with the coat so I wouldn’t breathe it in. I then looked around on the bus for the source of the small and saw that there was dog crap on the floor near the seat next to me. A kid called Justin probably stepped in dog crap earlier and didn’t notice. Justin moved to the back earlier so he didn’t notice it. Finally the bus arrived at my home and I walked carefully as the crap was on the bus steps. When I got off the bus I told the bus driver that there was dog crap on the bus and she took a look and saw the mess and said “Oh, Who let that on?” When she said that, it reminded of my mom so much and it was laugh out loud funny. The next day she make Justin wipe his shoes before he got on the bus as she was not happy about having to clean up the mess. The story to me is still so funny even months after it happened. Also it is one of those stories that is funnier when you are there. Thanks for reading

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