There is an interesting example that is run "father" pigeon.

What parents should be taught to children at infancy? The answer is, teach them the tenderness and warmth that can be learned in the family. Mother and father can share in the parenting role. Do approach that is stimulating the liver tenderness. Invite your child to play in the neighborhood to introduce the concept of nature. Therefore, a positive contribution to the natural physical and mental development of children. Affirmed the role of fathers in domestic. During this time my father seemed to be more than mere breadwinner.

There is an interesting example that is run “father” pigeon. Male pigeons are birds all his life devoted to his wife, one for forever. When the distance separating them, even in the Thousands of miles, the male will take the obstacles and barriers That can be gathered with his family. Rain storms, snow, and the Sahara desert heat, They Will Pass.

Remarkably, the male pigeon also participate in feeding their babies. Bird feeding? Yes, that’s reality. Allah design to be able to produce a male pigeon prolactin levels as females This hormone will work in the cache in order to produce processed foods such as milk. With painstaking and patience “father dove” is feeding her children are still infants. This unconditional love and gave birth to a gentle figure of a young pigeon, and loving.

Why is the glory of the male doves we do not respect? How often do we as a father feeding, cuddling, and soothe our children? No wonder when pigeons are given the opportunity by God to save His Messenger 

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