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Over the next 2 months, Christian, Aaron and Nate spent their summer drawing up ideas for their 3D street art. They’ve all become even closer friends than before, Christian has started seeing Kaleigh and Aaron and Nate have stopped seeing the girls that they had begun seeing once summer started.

“Don’t be so upset, man. You can’t expect someone else to not go to college just because you aren’t. He’ll be staying within 4 hours of us, no big deal.” Nate told Christian as they packed a bowl.

“We had all these dreams.” Christian said, softly.

“He has dreams for himself too. He tried to work with yours, he’s still going to come down and work with us when he can.” Nate sparks the bowl.

“Yeah, but all the work we’re doing…we NEED him everytime we go out or else our shit won’t come out right. We won’t finish it on time. We’ll have to go back to the same spot at least twice.”

“Look, all I can say is that you can’t say you want this to be your career. Try college, or at least tech school.” Nate suggested.

“I have no money, dude. I’m lucky enough that you let me stay here.”

“You can’t stay here if you don’t work though. We had a deal, bro.” Nate reminded Christian.

Just then. there was pounding on the door. Both boys jumped, putting the bowl out and hiding the stash of weed they had spilled out all over the floor.

Nate rushes towards the door and opens it.

Aaron stands before them, luggage in his hand. “I told my dad I wasn’t going to LA for school and he kicked me out. I’m looking for jobs and apartments right now. Maybe we all can get a 3 bedroom together so it’ll be cheaper. This way, more money for art supplies.” He gives Nate a sheepish grin.

Nate smiles and pulls him inside. “You can crash here for a while. A 3 bedroom sounds great. Any place we can get asap?”

“Dude.” Christian smiles at his long time best friend.

“You were right, Chris. I have to do what I’m good at and follow my dreams.” Aaron explained to his friends.

Just then, Christians phone starts ringing.

“Who calls you at almost midnight?” Nate laughed.

“His bitch.” Aaron slaps Nate on the back and both men crack up with laughter.

Christian answers the phone, says “uh huh,” “really,” “when,” and “wow” a lot. Then he hangs up and tears well up in his face.

“Did she dump you?” Nate gets serious.

“Christian gets up and walks into the bathroom, locking the door. Nate and Aaron hear him vomitting in the toilet.

“Dude, let me in.” Aaron jiggles the doorkbob.

Christian opens the door a few seconds later. “My father died.”

“What!” Nate and Aaron ask, shocked.

“I have to go to the hospital to be there for my mom.”

“I’ll drive you, let’s go.” Nate throws on a shirt and grabs his car keys.

All three men shuffle out the door and to the car.


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