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Christian and Aaron leave In ‘N Out Burger feeling stuffed, and step out into the 100 degree California sun.

“How do you wear all black on the days it’s excruciatingly, painfully hot?” Aaron asks.

“I just do.” Christian laughs, rolling the sleeves of his short sleeved shirt up, revealing his half sleeve tattoo. He had started on his ocean themed sleeve, he has an octopus wrapped around an anchor and a mermaid underneath, swimming amongst tropical fish.

“My parents will kill me and won’t let me do shit for the week if I don’t get back to school.” Aaron says.

“Dude, grow a back bone.” Christian kicks some pebbles.

“My parents give a fuck about me, Chris.” Aaron says, softly.

“You’re right. Let’s go.” Christian leads the way back to school.

They get back to the school a few minutes later and slip through the back door, making their way to the office.

The secretary looks up when they walk in. “About time.” She pushes her glasses up the bridge of her nose. Her curly blonde hair frizzing in the humidity.

“Sorry. I was mad and had to cool off.” Christian lied, slumping in a seat in the corner. Aaron sits next to him.

“Just wait for Mr. Keller to see you.” The secretary goes back to typing away on her computer and answering the ringing phone. The other secretary peers at the boys from behind her computer screen, but then goes back to work.

“Boys. In my office, now.” Keller emerges from a door in the back a few minutes later.

Both boys stand up and walk into the back of the office and into Mr. Keller’s.

“Be seated.” The short, chubby man says, sitting in his own leather chair. He’s balding and has his glasses resting on the tip of his nose, he’s looking at the two kids from over the top of his glasses.

“Now, tell me what happened in Mrs. Butlers room, Mr. Sawyer.”

“I walked into class, saw that we were doing more review on something I already did so much work on, so I sat at my desk, took out my drawing and started to dive into it. Aaron and I whispered back and forth a bit and she came over and ripped up my work without warning. So, I walked out.” Christian told the truth.

“Why did it take so long for you two to arrive, Mr. Welsh?” Keller turns to Aaron, taking his glasses off and folding them.

“Chris was upset about his art being torn in two, so we walked around the school until he calmed down.”

“Couldn’t Christian calm himself down? Now you have to suffer.” Keller says, pulling two sheets of paper out from a folder.

“No, it wasn’t his fault.” Christian speaks up.

“I’m sure, Mr. Sawyer. Where is it that you plan on going to college? School is ending in 2 months.” Keller raises and eyebrow.

“I’m not attending school. I have talent and I don’t need to waste money to try and achieve anymore.”

“Pessimistic, as always.” Keller scribbles onto a sheet of paper. “As for you, Mr. Welsh, I expect more from you. Once you’re in college, which I hope you’re going to, I hope you choose better friends to surround yourself with. Good day.” He hands Christian a slip of paper.

Christian looks at it, suspended – out of school for three days.

“Sir, with all due respect, it was my fault.” Aaron fought.

“Mr. Welsh, please leave my office before I change my mind about you.” Keller orders.

“Let’s go, man.” Christian pulls Aaron to his feet.

“Dude, that wasn’t fair.” Aaron says as they exit the office.

“My parents won’t even care that I’m suspended. Yours will. You won’t be able to do shit for weeks, man.” Christian says, walking towards the front doors of the school.

“Where are you going?” Aaron questions.

“I have to leave starting today and I come back Monday.” Christian tells his friend.

“Alright man, just call me later?” Aaron tells him as he walks down the opposite end of the hall.

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