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“Hey, excuse me.” Christian calls out to the man in the alley.

The man turns around, taking his headphones off and letting them rest on his neck. Christian can hear another band that he listens to – The Disturbed.

“You ain’t a cop, are ya?” The man asks, peering past Christian.

“No. I’m Christian Sawyer. I was just admiring your work.” he stands back and looks up in awe at the beautiful image before his eyes.

“Thanks, man.” the guy gives Christian dap.

“You live around here?” Christian asks.

“What is it to ya?” The guy raises a brow.

“I’m just wondering. I’m looking for a third person to add to one of my projects.” Christian says, looking down at his feet.

“Walk with me.” The guy packs his spray cans into his backpack and starts to walk back down the alley.

“My best friend and I…well, I don’t have any plans to attend college once I graduate. My friend might not attend anywhere either. I’m into graffiti and street art. My friend is an amazing artist too. I had this idea to start up a street team, like a trio. Just go around the city and tag our mark everywhere.” Christian explains.

“Let me guess, in hopes of becoming famous? The only thing that’ll happen is that you’ll get fines and get arrested.” The guy stops walking.

“Sorry for even wasting your time.” Christian walks away, embarrassed.

“No, kid. Wait.” The guy calls out.

Christian stops, turns around.

“Let me see your shit.”

Christian pulls a folder out of his backpack and hands it to the guy. The guy looks it over, skimming through the artwork. He looks at the pencil sketches, the doodles done in pen, the sharpie art and the painted pieces. His face is expressionless the entire time.

He closes the folder, hands it back to Christian and then extends his hand.

“Nate Walker. Count me in.”

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