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“This is it! This is it.” Christian pulls Aaron into an apartment complex all the way across town.

“Nice place, if I die it’s all on you.” Aaron says, a bit nervous about going any further.

“Come on man, just for a few minutes.” Christian begs.

Aaron sighs, but keeps on walking towards the apartment that Christian is leading him too.

Christian knocks on the door.

They hear Rob Zombie’s “Dragula” vibrating the apartment.

The door creaks open. “My man!” Nate steps aside, letting the two friends inside. “You must be Aaron.” Nate gives Aaron dap.

“Nice to meet you.” Aaron nods, going into the apartment.

“Make yourselves at home.” Nate says. He has paintings and drawings hung up all over the walls of his apartment. It looks like a true artists home.

“So, are we all in?” Christian sits on the leather couch.

“First of all, what happened to you?” Nate asks, picking up his backpack – a different one from the one earlier.

“Nothing exciting. Are we all in?” Christian repeats.

“I haven’t even see this dudes work yet.” Aaron reminds him.

“Look around you.” Nate replies, breaking weed up on a TIME magazine issue.

“This is all yours?” Aaron asks, shocked.

“Why such a shock, man?” Nate demands an answer.

“No shock, you’ve got mad skill is all.” Aaron says softly.

“I’m just fucking with you, dude. How old are you tricks anyway?” Nate asks.

“I’m 18, he’s going on 18 in a couple months.” Christian tells Nate.

“I’m 23. You guys smoke? I’d offer a drink, but I don’t.” Nate offers.

“I’ll take you up on that bud.” Christian reaches his hand out and takes a hit off of Nates acrylic bong, then hands it to Aaron.

The three guys pass the bowl around the circle, smoking at least 5 bowls, Aaron is as high as a kite and his eyes are squinty and bloodshot.

“So, I’m in.” Aaron says, standing up.

“Word, me too.” Nate looks up at Christian, who has the biggest smile on his face.

“Where do we start?” Aaron asks.

“Well, what’s the purpose?” Nate looks at Christian one more time.

“First things first. There’s absolutely no artistic talent around this area – that I know of at least. If there is, it’s hidden under all the other shit this town has to offer. Football and polo. That isn’t interesting. You can’t do that forever and at some point, that talent is going to run out. With art, it never will. You’ll always have it.” Christian explains.

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