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“I like where you’re going with this.” Nate nods, putting his bong back in its place on the shelf.

“I figure we can just tag the city with all of our work. The work will be our deepest emotions. These emotions could be based on current affairs or just our own issues. It’s like we’re releasing our own demons.” Christian continues.

“Imagine how cool it would be to go up into the hills and watch the sunrise and see the city filled with out tagging?” Aaron asks, with a big goofy grin on his face.

“Genius.” Nate grabs a few bottles of soda from his refrigerator.

“I think we should do one tag a night.” Aaron says, opening a bottle of Sprite.

“But before we do it, we should draw it up.” Christian adds.

“What we could do, is a rotating thing. We could start now. Dude, Chris. Start the piece you want. We’ll play a round of zombies and then we’ll switch off until each of us had the chance to add to the piece.” Nate thinks up an idea.

“I fucking love that.” Aaron smiles.

“This is incredible.” Christian says, grabbing a piece of computer paper from Nates computer desk.

“And at the end, when we’ve all had our chance to go, we can sit down together and look it over, adding whatever we feel fits and putting the colors together.” Aaron suggests.

“Brilliant.” Christian and Nate agree.

So, the boys set to work. Nate sat at the computer desk and intently worked on his piece of the artwork while Aaron and Nate played Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies and chatted a bit, getting to know each other.

When Christian was done, he handed the paper to Aaron, and they switched roles. Now it was Nate and Christian playing the video game.

“Care for another bong rip?” Nate pauses the game.

“Sure thing.” Christian agrees.

They sit across from each other and pack a bowl.

“My step father used to beat the shit out of me.” Nate admitted.

“My dad.” Christian looked down.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of, dude.” Nate shows Christian a scar on his side.

“The fucker stabbed me when I was 16. Ever since then, I’ve been on my own. That was it. I had enough.” Nate rips from his bong.

“I’m sorry about that, bro.” Christian apologizes.

“Here, switch up.” Aaron gets up. Nate jumps up and they switch positions. Aaron takes a long rip from the bong.

“My parents just worry about me being perfect. I don’t want to be perfect. I just want to be me.” He admits.

“You guys are really cool.” Nate remarks.

“Where are you from?” Christian asks, making conversation.

“I’m originally from Scottsdale, Arizona. I just moved here 2 years ago. Been looking for some cool cats to chill with.” He looks up and laughs.

“Word. We feel the same way.” Aaron nods.

“Nobody cool around here?” Nate questions.

“You find your occasional, you know?” Christian rips the bong.

“I hear you. I had to get away from Scottsdale. Nothing but drama.” Nate nodded.

The guys spent most of the afternoon doodling on that same paper and planned to meet up at 1am. Nate is a bartender and works from 6pm-midnight at a local bar. He agrees to meet Christian and Aaron in the same area that he met Christian earlier in the day because he knows where they can put this piece that they just illustrated. Nate said he would bring the spray paint and a ladder and all the other instruments they’ll need to put their piece to life. He gets all his utensils and paint delivered to him – he said he doesn’t mind supplying as long as the other two throw down some money every once in a while. The boys agree and head back to Aarons house.


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