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Back at Aarons house, the two friends sat in Aarons room, drawing. This is what the two of them always do when they hang out; smoke, draw, eat, sleep. Their conversation is always endless, they never run out of things to say to each other.

“Chris, will you be staying for dinner?” Kristin comes into the room, looking beautiful as always. She has shoulder length blonde hair, eyes as blue as the sky and is currently wearing a tight white dress.

“I was actually wondering if I could stay here the night. I don’t feel comfortable being around my parents right now.” Christian explained.

“Oh, sweetheart. That’s quite alright. I’ll make up the guest bed for you.” She said, full of sympathy.

“No, ma’am. That’s okay. I’ll crash on the floor in here, really.” He argues.

“If you insist, but I’ll get you a sleeping bag!” She hurries oout of the room.

“What time do we need to sneak out?” Aaron whispers.

“We gotta be there by 1, so I’m thinking we leave here around 20 to.” Christian mumbles, putting his pencil down.

The boys lay back on Aarons bed together and look up at the ceiling. They lay there for what seems like years before they both pass out, exhausted. They get woken up an hour late by Kristin, telling them that dnner was ready. They ate their meals and then decided to go out for a bike ride. They rode their bikes and went and picked up weed from Christian’s dealer and rode back to Aarons smoking a blunt.

The entire bike ride back home, Aaron is freaking out to himself. He knows exactly what would happen to his fathers image if someone had seen him smoking out in public. He’d probably never be able to hang out with Christian ever again. He’s tired of giving a shit and tired of everybody else always complaining about how they’ll be affected by his actions. He sighs to himself.

“You okay?” Christian asks as they get off of their bikes and walk them up Aarons driveway.

“I’m fine, man. Just excited about later.” Aaron admits, partially a lie. He knows exactly what will happen to his dads reputation if he gets busted for vandalizing the town.

“Me too, dude. Me too. Just another couple of hours.” Christian says as they go back into Aarons house.

They decide to lay down and try to sleep, they’ll need all their energy, especially Aaron, since he’ll be going to school tomorrow morning anyway.

Aaron falls asleep on his bed, fully dressed and on top of the blankets.

Christian is on the floor under the sleeping bag. Kristin had given him 5 pillows, wanting to make sure he would be comfortable for the night. He was, in all honesty. He was always comfortable in this house. He felt protected and liked and part of the family.

He stayed, looking up at the ceiling from 10pm until it was time to wake up Aaron. He still had an hour left before he was going to wake him.

Christian thought about how alone he’ll be if Aaron does decide to go to college in the fall. They’ve both always planned to do the same thing together and to succeed and achieve great things by each others side. He felt that if Aaron went away to school, he would be left alone. His mom is going to eventually overdose and die, which is sad but true. Her heroin and cocaine use isn’t doing her any good. He’s waiting for the day his dads liver gives up on him, then the only family he’ll have that will actually accept him with open arms, is Aarons.

He watches the clock, the minutes going slower and slower as time gets closer to 12:30am. He hopes Aaron doesn’t chicken out.

Christians phone goes off and he reaches for it, it’s a girl from English class texting him.

“Hey, Chris. It’s Makenzie Hyland. I just wanted to say that what Mrs. Butler did today was really effed up. You’re talented and I’d love to get to hang out sometime? If you want. Later.”

He laughed to himself. Was this some sick joke? He’s liked Makenzie since sophomore year and now, during their senior year with two months left of school, she’s going to make a move?

He responds, “Thanks. Appreciate that. Sure.”

He’s never really had his way with girls. He’s never been with a girl.

Even Aaron has been with a girl.

Christian looks at the clock once more.

Fifteen more minutes.

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