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“Aaron, dude, buddy.” Christian shakes Aaron, trying to wake him up.

Aaron jumps out of bed and grabs a duffel bag from his closet.

“Let me just grab a few things.” He says.

He throws a bunch of stencils and different types of paint markers that we can use along with other supplies. He zips up the duffel bag and the boys are set to go.

“Just be quiet. My dads still in his study.” Aaron peers down the stairs and sees his dads office light on. Soft classical music drifts up the stairs.

The boys leave Aarons room and make their way downstairs.

“Aaron?” Mr. Tatum Welsh is at his office door.

“Dad…hey.” Aaron stops. Christian feels a sudden disappointment. His father is going to send them back upstairs.

“Where are you going?” Tatum questions. He’s wearing a button up shirt, unbuttoned and tan dress pants.

“Christian needs to grab some of his stuff from his house. He’s staying with us. Look what his dad did to him.” Aaron steps aside.

Christian looks up at Tatum, revealing his butterfly stitches and bruised face.

“My god! Are you okay?” He rushes over to Christian.

“I’m fine, sir.” Christian mumbles.

“Okay, welll…take your time. You don’t want to get into anything with your parents.” He relaxes a bit. “Take my car.” He hands Aaron his keys and makes his way upstairs.

The two friends make their way outside and into Tatum Welsh’s Mercedes Benz.

“This shouldn’t look sketchy where we’re going.” Christian rolls his eyes.

“Shut up, I had to fucking lie.” Aaron pulls out of the driveway.

“You’re going the wrong way!” Christian tells him.

“We need to go to your house so we don’t come back empty handed.” Aaron tells him.

“My parents car is gone.” Christian says when they pull up to his house.

The house is dark, but Christian runs inside and comes back out with clothes and some more supplies they would need. Then the boys make their way to the bad part of town to meet Nate.

“Bout time, fellas.” Nate says. He’s dressed in all black, as are Aaron and Christian.

“Sorry.” Christian mumbles, putting his things down.

The three guys set to work.

When they’re done, they have a beautiful piece of art.

They step back and admire their work.

Jesus, with a globe in his hands, holding it above his head and all around him are stars and planets.

“Nice job.” Nate whistles.

“Let’s get out of here before cops come.” Christian says.

The three guys jump into the Mercedes and make their way back home.

Liked it
  • Rhonda Humphreys on Aug 21, 2012

    Sounds like a great series if this is anything like the rest.

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