The beginning of my life, or should I say the beginning of our life.

      July 21st 1981, was when life started for me. Unlike most individuals, I had been sharing my space 9 months prior. What the doctors believed to be my mothers placenta, was actually my identical twin brother. Yes, it was moving, scared the living crap out of them. The only downfall was that I looked just like it, I mean just like him. It was interesting, they immediately dressed us alike, yes they “dressed us alike”. I became an individual in the summer of 1999, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

      My name was chosen by my older sister. My sister Veronica told my mom that she wanted a younger sister named Jason. My sister was only 5 at the time, so I’m sure she was confused. I could have got stuck with the name “Jesse”, then my sister request might not have been mistaken. Anyway, “Jesse” is the name chosen for the breathing placenta. He is going to be upset with me, again.
      I had a really fun and interesting life. In the upcoming articles I will share experiences of having a twin. Lots of confusion, commotion, comedy, contemplation, and clowning. Not to mention that we always had someone to hang out with, or pass the blame. My brother and I also had our ups and downs. So please enjoy.

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