Open book.

- But does not work from morning to night at Mark’s home care? Do you spend a day without going to the farm? Do not be so unfair to her, Harriet!

She gave him a look of compassion:

-If you were not so young, as you have always been, Adalberto, you could talk to you. That’s exactly what began to seem dangerous to see? Do you think, then, that she has her reasons for going to strut around all day on the farm and be loved tones in front of him and servants? Oh! It’s very clever, my niece Lana! I have done everything that depends on it to get used to the idea that she she only touches the right place of the dead! If that’s not what would I go to do every day at the farm?

‘I think the son of Martha sufficiently justified his conduct.

– Naturally! Naturally! How many things have you believe with tales of mothership! She knows why he does it and why this poor child loves to eat caresses: he knows the way into the heart of the father!

‘But perhaps he does not want-insinuated the old Jonas.

She burst out laughing.

– My dear Adalbert! When a man has a property at the gates of the city, a poor girl always wants it, and if I do not put an end to all these maneuvers showing the door, it could very well happen that one day take her Mark’s hand and we said: “Now, Mom and Dad, you have the goodness to give us his blessing.” But before we see such a thing, Adalberto …

At the same moment, a great sound of footsteps echoed through the hall, and almost immediately knocked loudly on the door.

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