Joseph woke up suddenly. The sun was gradually rising into the sky. Getting out of the sweat soaked hammock, he faintly recalled his dream.

He dreamed of hearing voices, his own crewmen’s’ voices. Joseph threw on an old “hand-me down” t-shirt and started to make his way down the deck towards the gallery.

Once he got to the gallery Joseph collapsed into the nearest chair, wondering why there wasn’t any noise. At around this time of day, the cook’s voice could even be heard at the other end of the ship. But today was different. There was no one to be seen. Even the captain’s one eyed cat couldn’t be seen. Joseph started to worry.

After a few moments, curiosity drove him to check the cabins of the. He was astonished to find there was no one there. He then quickened his pace towards the activities room and the cooks’ quarters. Still nothing. By now Joseph was beginning to worry and ran to the last place on the ship he hadn’t checked yet, the captain’s cabin. Absolutely prohibited to enter unless invited but this didn’t stop Joseph. He charged through the door to find nothing.

Joseph was only a mere cabin boy that scrubbed the decks and cleaned the pots; having only steered the ship once in his life and being punished severely for doing so. Nevertheless, he knew how to read the compass and use maps accurately although he was not very good at steering. However, with no one on the ship and after reading the compass and checking the course indicator he realized that the ship was off course, steering was exactly what Joseph had to do now.

A mere ten minutes later, the ship crashed into nearby rocks stuck fast, the ship began to be battered by the pounding waves pushing it against the rocks. Then Joseph heard voices. The voices sounded very familiar to Joseph so he quickly ran to the starboard side and leaned over to see who was calling. To his surprise Joseph found himself looking the captain straight directly in his eyes. The rest of the crew was behind the captain all squashed into a small rubber emergency boat. Shortly after, Joseph questioned everyone. He wanted to know why they had abandoned ship and how come he had not been told.

The answer was simple. The captain’s one-eyed cat had jumped overboard and since the cat was the only “family” left to the captain, the latter was going to get back his cat no matter what the cost; and since Joseph was sleeping, he thought he wouldn’t wake him up. That left one question. Where was the cat?

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