I want to love you with a simple way.

I looked at the calendar located on the table in disgust. Saturday, March 30, 2002, the birthday of our third wedding. And for the third time as well He forget. First birthday, He forget having a meeting with the directors to settle some financial problems. As finance director, He is obliged to resolve the problem. Okay, I understand. The issue then is pretty complicated.

Second anniversary, Aa ‘to be out of town for a presentation. Busy making her forget. And after’m sorry, when I expressed my irritation, he calmly replied, “Brother, I’ve yet to prove my love throughout the year. The day was not celebrated it’s okay. Love the ceremony did not take … “

Now, early in the morning he said goodbye to the office because they have to set up some meetings documents. He left when I was in the bathroom. I deliberately did not remind him about our anniversary. I wanted to test, whether he remembers or not this time. In fact? I took a deep breath.

Wonder, what is hard to remember the birthday of marriage itself? I snorted in disgust. He is different from me. He was calm and expressive, much less romantic. Thus, there was no interest on the special moments or a poem written on a piece of pink paper as is often imagined before I got married.

As for me, expressive and romantic. I always gave her gifts with sweet words every birthday. I also do not forget to say tens of times the word I love you every week. Sending messages via short message poetry even when he was out of town. Anyway, for me love should be expressed clearly. Since clarity is also a part of love.

I know, that I love He, I have to accept it for what it is. But the cook does not want to change and learn? Did not I teach him to be more romantic? Ah, just the point I was pissed. And all becomes fun for me. I was cranky. He is really annoying to me. I started counting the time and attention given to me in the three years of our marriage. No relaxing weekend. Rarely do we get to go together to eat dinner outside. Spare time is usually spent in bed all day. So I sullen myself almost every day of the week and could only look at him sweetly snoring in bed.

Taste kesalku getting into. Moreover, this week is our relationship was not good. We were both tired. The work is piled on the tasks we each make our home in the state meet in both weary and irritable with each other. Be, sometimes we fight this week.

Actually, today I’ve emptied all my activities schedule. I want to be alone with him today and do fun things. Properly, this Saturday it off. However, that He. It was hard to leave her job, even on weekends like this. Perhaps, because we do not have children. So he did not feel the need to spend time on weekends like this.

“Hen, you sure you want to accept the proposal a Ridwan?” Diah my friend looked at me strangely. “My brother’s baseball romantic, you know. Unlike the romantic husband often you imagine. He was the kind of man whose hobby is seriously hard work. Well anyway, pious, faithful … But baseball humorist. Anyway, life with him was flat. Routine and boring. It contained just work, work and work … ” Dian connect length. I just smile through time. He was asking my willingness to accept the proposal by Dian.

“You really like that, anyway? Nah glad ya if I were brother-in-law, “I asked with a frown. Diah laugh to see me. “Well, like this house will not be served. Most left off at A ‘Ridwan. “Diah laugh. “You do not know my brother, anyway?” But whatever Diah said, I have resolved to accept the proposal Aa ‘. I’m sure we can mutually adjust. After all, he was a good man. That was more than enough for me.

The first weeks after our marriage was not a lot of problems. Like most newlyweds, He attempted romantic. And I’m glad. However, all ended when her leave ends. He was soon struggling with all his work, seven days a week. There is hardly any time left for me. My story is often only  enthusiastic with um, oh, so yes … even then she sleepily hugging bolsters. And, I have waited for hours to talk and then lose their appetite to continue the story.

So … I’m trying to understand and accept. But this morning, to her annoyance really peaked. I consent to the mother’s home. I sent him a short text messages. I’m waiting. One hour later I received an answer. Sorry, I’m in a meeting. Be careful. Greetings to you. There you go. View. In fact it takes an hour to reply my text. Meetings, presentations, financial reports, that rivals that grabs the attention of my husband.

I went straight to my room now occupied by the former Riri brother. Kuhempaskan me with disgust. I’m just going to close my eyes when I heard a faint knock on the door my mother. I got up lazily.

“Why Hen? There is a problem with Ridwan? “Mother opened the conversation without preamble. I nodded. Mom did not have to lie. He always managed to guess the telling.

Although initially faltered, I finally talked to my mother as well. My eyes filled with tears. I spilled my irritation to the mother. Mom smiled at the story. He stroked my hair. “Hen, maybe all of this is wrong Mom and Dad are not pamper you. And you were annoyed with the attitude of your husband. Try, think carefully Hen. What deficiency Ridwan? He was a good husband. Loyal, honest and hardworking. Ridwan was never rough with you, be diligent worship. He was also kind and respectful to my mother and father. Not all husbands like him, Hen. Many people who dizholimi husband. Na’udzubillah “Mom said.

I was silent. Well, it really does what it says Mom. “But Mom, he’s so outrageous. Cook the anniversary of marriage itself three times forgotten. After all, he’s had no time for me. I’m a wife, mom. Not just a piece of furniture that just needs to be seen once in a while. “I’m still upset. Although deep down I confirmed what Mom said.

Yes, in addition to properties less romantic, actually what it lacks Aa ‘? Almost none. Actually, he was trying hard to membahagiakanku its own way. He always encouraged me to increase knowledge and expand wawasanku. He has always encouraged me to be more diligent in worship and always kind thought for others. Problem loyalty? No doubt. Diah the office with him. And he always tells me how Aa ‘attitude towards female colleagues in the office. Aa ‘never serve solicitation Anita were not too bored flirting and asking her out. And if you want, with performance that is always neat and cool as it is, it is not difficult for him attract the opposite sex.

“Hen, if you feel grumpy like that, is not really a problem Ridwan. The issue is only one, you lose the sense of gratitude … “I said quietly.

I looked at Mom. Mother Words really menohokku. Yeah, Mom was right. I lost my gratitude. Not until about two weeks ago I was persuaded Ranti, one of my friends who are stressed because her husband was having an affair with another woman and was very rude to him? Did not I take her to the doctor to treat bruises in several parts of his body at the hands of her husband?

Slowly, a sense of guilt arose in my heart. If it was I wanted to spend time with him today, why I did not say ahead of time so that he can arrange jadualnya? I can not remind him nicely that I wanted to go with him alone these days. Why I did not try to tell him that I wanted him to be more romantic? That I feel left out because of his work? That I was afraid no longer loved?

I quickly said goodbye to my mother. I rushed home to clean the house and prepare a romantic dinner at home. I did not tell him. I want to make a surprise for him.

Dinner is ready. I prepare food craze Aa ‘complete with a series of red roses on the table. Seven in the evening, Aa ‘not home yet. I waited patiently. Nine o’clock at night, I just received a sms. Sorry I’m late home. My job was not finished. The food at the table already cold. My eyes are heavy, but I’m still waiting for him in the living room.

I woke with a start. O Allah, I fell asleep. I glanced at the clock, 11 o’clock at night. I got up. Bunch of red roses on the table. Beside him, lying greeting cards and small jewelry box. Aa ‘asleep on the carpet. He has not opened the tie and socks.

I took it and opened a greeting card. Poem made me smile.

I want to love you with a simple

Through word that could not be delivered

Cloud the water that makes no

I want to love you with a simple

With the words I had spoken

Wood ash makes the fire.

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