Based on a true story, I wrote it for my two lover friends. It’s a sad and touching tale.

       The new school year was bustling and new love teams blossoming. I should know, I have one except the guy is like a brother to me. A couple days passed and I met a girl named Lindsey and a guy named Isaac. I became very close to Lindsey, she became one of my best friends and Isaac ,I was close to only on the internet yet we still talked whenever we saw each other. Lindsey would always tell me her secrets and everything and I am grateful that she trusts me. I am not her friend because I feel sorry for her because truth to be told her heart is weak and fragile, not emotionally but physically. She was in tears when she told me about her heart and my heart forced me to contemplate on my life and to be satisfied with what I have now. 

      One day Lindsey told me she was in love and I told her she was obsessed with him because when she is at school all she talks about is Isaac and when she is absent,she always would text me,How is he and blah blah. I felt sorry for the gal for she was love stricken and soon he would leave the country.I knew Isaac  loved Lindsey too even though whenever I asked him he would claim he is heartless and can’t love anyone because his heart was  ripped out by his family. I would always ask him to court her and ask him again and again if he changed his mind and he would then again say the exact thing he always tells me. I would say let her love you and mend your broken heart and he would reply I told you I don’t have a heart.

       My best friend would always say she is an unrequited love fighter and I would then say there is still hope. Sometimes I would even stupidly tell her to court Isaac instead and we broke out into laughter and she poked my tummy saying you are crazy and I would say yeah that is why you love me. We were both unrequited love fighters ,that is what she would always tell me.We would ponder the thought on why foreigners and college guys liked us better then the boys we knew and loved. I knew  Isaac could save her,coincidently he doesn’t have a heart and Lindsey has a dying heart, perfect duo.

       One night Lindsey text ed me I LOVE HIM and I would reply I know. She would say I LOVE HIM SO MUCH AND I DON’T WANT HIM TO LEAVE. I would say I know but there is nothing we can do about it even if i t is his own decision then I would text  her a cheesy saying like” with sunshine comes clouds and rain, with true love comes sorrow and pain. But once you have experienced true love, trust me…you will never be the same.” She would reply YOU ARE THE CHEESIEST PERSON EVER, I would then  say CHEESY IS GOOD FOR THE HEART. 

         Till this day Lindsey still loves Isaac even though he is going away soon.My whole perspective on love changed and I realized I already have the best people in the world they are called FRIENDS and FAMILY. “ Friends are the cutest lovable idiots in the world…bcoz they will die for friendship and at the same time, they will also demand a treat for dying!” Love is loving and being loved at the same time.

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