A story of obession and a lost childhood.


He had always liked jewellery, gold was his favourite, from an early age he had been fascinated by the lustre and the feel of gold, his Mother knew how to keep him quiet, when ever she wanted to entertain one of his many Uncles who came to call. Out came the jewellery box and he would play for hours with the contents, much of it bright and shiny costume jewellery bought for her by one Uncle or another.

As he grew older she would give him money to go out, he would walk for hours on his own, lingering outside jewellers, drinking in the window displays, he especially liked the Asian Jewellers with there displays of deep buttery gold, chains and earrings, he longed to run his fingers through the cold smoothness.

Sometimes he went to school, but mostly he would wander the streets. He was about 14 when he did his first burglary it was too easy, in through an open window, into the bedroom, he found a jewellery box on the dressing table and emptied the contents into his pocket out through the window ..

He ran home his Mother was asleep on the sofa after a lunch time drinking session, she snored loudly , with barely a backward glance he was in his room and emptied his pockets of their precious contents, gold chains, rings, and earring lay on the duvet cover. He ran his fingers over them, picking them up and holding them to his face feeling the coldness next to his skin, which gradually warmed, like it was a living thing.

He stopped going to school and became a crime wave all on his own, until the day he went up a drain pipe and on the way down it gave way, he fell knocking himself out and cutting his head badly waking up in Hospital.

He wasn’t charged they had found his precious cache, which was returned to it’s owners because of his age and home life he was put into care. He never saw his Mother again she died of alcohol poisoning a month later.

Now his life was very different, his Foster Parents looked after him, he had regular meals and went to School. His Social Worker talked to him, making him feel he had a future, life was good, he still secretly hungered after gold and allowed himself to window_ shop but no more than to look.

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