An erotic story of striptease, sex and filming.



He was urging me to do a striptease.  “Go on, Jennie, you’ve always loved stripping.  It’s always been your party piece.”


“I know, but I’ve never been videoed before”


“You’ve been photographed and this will be fun,” he insisted.  “Besides it’ll only be for us and it might get us into the mood at times.”


  “Alright, get your camera ready.”


He fetched his camera and tripod and set them up.


“How about doing it in that corner?”


I put on some dance music and pirouetted into the corner, skirt swirling high to display my legs and panties.  Al was right.  I did enjoy stripping.  After all, I had a good body and great legs and the confidence to exhibit them.


“Lights! camera! Action!”


Well, let’s get started.  Swaying in time to the music, I began to unbutton my blouse, allowing tantalising glimpses of my bra and breasts.  I was wearing a minimalist bra, which barely concealed my nipples.  When my blouse was completely unfastened, I gripped each side and jerked my hands apart.  His eyes popped when he realised that my nipples were almost on full view.


I turned my back, shrugged my blouse off my shoulders and threw it onto the sofa.  Spinning around to face him, I bowed, so that he could look right down my bra.


Straightening up, I hitched my skirt up, revealing the full length of my left leg.  I turned and bent forward, flicking my skirt above my waist, I knew that Al loved my derriere.  He was right.  This was beginning to be fun.  I enjoyed flaunting my figure.

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  • Atanacio on May 4, 2010

    I actually enjoyed this read :)

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