There are many schools of philosophy of education ranging from empiricism, pragmatism, progressivism, Reconstructionist critical to school education. This time will be discussed briefly about the school progressivism educational philosophy and methods of teaching.

Progressivizm figures are very important to know, John Dewey and William o. Stanley, who is a professor at the University of Illinois. Progressivizm in the field of philosophy of education itself can be defined as the principle whereby education begins from the students themselves who interact with their social environment. So don’t protege told to read and believe the book constantly, but also should be able to find real answers as to why this and why. Thread progressizma philosophy of education can be broadly divided into several basic, namely:

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Abandoning the traditional educational practices that are considered to be too interested in the discipline, passive and words. Change the essence of reality. Formation process of change. Ever-changing methods and policies in accordance with changes in the environment. Quality is the ability to recover a continuous experience, and not to the standard of goodness, truth and beauty out of time. Let us education is life itself, and not a preparation for life. Learning to capture the interest of the subject students. Learning through problem solving more common than passive learning. The role of teachers does not, as well as giving advice. Schools should foster cooperation rather than competition. The existence of democracy allow the mutual free exchange of ideas very useful for the development of the subject’s students. (Philosophy of education material, lectures)

Method of progressizma philosophy of education progressizma

educational philosophy can also be filled in the form of tangible method. Teaching methods with a core philosophy of education progressizma include: providing the practice in the form of puzzles for their students. Create a group or group training, grouping the interests of every child to a theme. Speaking of hot topic, which is distributed in society together in the classroom. There are still many other educational philosophy of developing methods that can be applied to students. Of course, a variety of methods to be used should be tested first, so that it can be concluded if the correct method using mendidikan or not.

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