Have you ever seen a dragonfly that was afraid to fly? If not, then you haven’t met Mike. Children and parents alike will delight as they follow this young dragonfly through his travels and travails, including an encounter with a hungry frog.

Mike was a young dragonfly who lived near a small pond. Most of the dragonflies that resided nearby loved to fly around their marshy home. However, Mike was not like the other dragonflies. He was afraid to fly.

When he was much younger, Mike used to flit through the air just like his friends. However, one day, Mike was playing a game of air-tag with his young buddies while, when flying, Mike became tired. He fell out of the sky and landed in the pond. Luckily, his friends quickly came to the rescue, saving him from drowning.

Unfortunately, since that time, Mike had become fearful of flying. Afraid of falling into the water again, Mike spent his days on the ground among the reeds and cattails that grew on the bank of the pond while he watched his friends fly around nearby.

One day, Elsie, one of Mike’s young dragonfly friends, saw Mike resting amid the reeds. Elsie flew over to her friend to speak to him. “Mike, why don’t you take flight and come join me and your other friends while we dart around the pond and chase after some mosquitoes,” she suggested. “It’ll be fun!”

Mike sighed. “I’d love to join you, Elsie, but I’m afraid of getting tired and falling into that pond again,” he replied.

“Mike, I was there when you fell into the pond. You were very young back then. Certainly you’ve grown and become stronger since those days. I’m sure that you would see how stealthy a flyer you could be if only you gave yourself a chance,” said Elsie.

“I know you’re trying to help me, Elsie, but I don’t know if I really have what it takes to fly.”

“Mike-you need to believe in yourself. You have what it takes to flutter your wings and fly,” Elsie remarked. “Just think of all the fun you’re missing out on just hiding here among the reeds.” With that, Elsie flitted away and joined her flying friends.

Mike spent the remainder of the day dwelling among the reeds as he watched his friends dart about the pond. “Oh, how I wish I could be flying with my buddies,” Mike quietly said to himself.

Suddenly, Mike heard a loud splashing noise approach him from his left. “What’s that?” he wondered. He turned his head in the direction of the noise and saw a large, hungry-looking toad in the water jumping right toward him.

“Oh boy, what am I gonna do now?” Mike frantically wondered as he saw the toad staring at him. “Maybe I should climb up one of these reeds here…” he thought, looking up at the stalks of grass surrounding him. Then, he realized, the reeds weren’t high enough to escape the reach of the jumping toad. “Ahh! Help me!” Mike hollered.

Elsie heard Mike’s cry for help. “Mike! Fly away before the toad snaps his tongue at you!” she shouted. She began flying over to her threatened friend to help save him.

The toad’s mouth slowly drew open. “Oh…what should I do? What can I do?” Mike wildly uttered. “Mmm…” he grumbled, “All I can do is fly. I have nothing to lose…it’s either fly away or get eaten by the toad….”

Mike could not wait any longer; he had to put his fear of flying behind him. “Here I come!” he belted out. Just as he began to feel the whipping sting of the toad’s tongue, Mike jolted his body forward, spread his wings, and flew away from the reeds.

“You did it, Mike!” You flew away!” Elsie cheered. “I knew you could do it!”

“I can fly!” Mike happily cried.

“I’m so impressed, Mike,” Elsie said. “I told you that you could fly!”

“You were right, Elsie,” Mike replied.

“So, how did you overcome your fear of flying?” Elsie asked her friend.

“I told myself that I could fly,” Mike proudly stated. “And I thought about what you said to me, Elsie. I believed in myself.”

From that day on, Mike skimmed the sky with his friends and darted through the air as surely and strongly as any other dragonfly ever could.

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