The first chapter of MineCraft Stories. These short stories in this series will be the general timeline of a bigger part. Could be seen as summaries.

Chapter 1: Rise of Akkagi

Humans were able to live an easy life in the other worlds eventually. Without any worries, they continued to life on. That was till the monsters that roamed the Earth managed to travel to their worlds.

The reason for the ruining of the Earth was the demon known as Akkagi. Demons were originally humans who were hunted down for their fire magic. They fled in the Dark Ages to the Nether. There they planned their revenge. The demons that fled eventually died and over time everyone forgot about it. Akkagi never forgot and his vengeance kept him alive for many centuries. His power also grow. When the humans first worked on the stargate project, they connected to the world Akkagi lived in. Akkagi had already left the Nether to prepare for his attacks. The stargate that connected to his world was the perfect opportunity to take his revenge. He went through the stargate and called his army. His quickly killed everyone in the room where the stargate was located, and destroyed the stargate The monsters walked out and brought chaos. Everywhere he went, he brought destruction. Some humans managed to escape by the help of several dark Angels. The Dark Angels have the power to open gates to other worlds.

Akkagi fought the Dark Angels on Earth. The Dark Angels had no chance of winning. The war between them lasted 80 years. At that time he managed to capture a Dark Angel. He absorbed the powers of the Dark Angel

With the new knowledge, Akkagi traveled to the many worlds Humans lived on. He visited the Angels and destroyed their world. Angels were like him once humans. The Angels were also feared for their Air Magic, so the Angels left. They never planned revenge. When Akkagi came, they fought against him. They knew what Akkagi did. Yet this was futile, Akkagi managed to kill many of them. The few survivors fled to the Judge Quarters. The Judge is someone who looks over the multiverse, and can create new worlds. He told the Angels to go to a world that the Judge created for them. A judge can even specify rules for the ruler of that world. His law was that Akkagi had no power there. However, Akkagi was stronger that the Judge. He has become more like the Dark Angels, able to use all their powers in every world.

Chapter 2: Etherion and Etherion Hearts Saga

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