The story is based on the minecraft server Etherion, which no longer exist.

The Fall of Aeido

‘Etherion World
A World that is controlled by three gods, Jeantapas, Spiritax and Ekozan. Life is good there, people live in many towns and nations. The biggest towns are Aeido and Pallet. Wars and personal fights are fought out in the Coliseum or the Uarena.  And the economics are good. The only problems are the monsters. They like to kill every normal human. Monsters that appear in every world. But people do not mind them. They see it as a source of income. And so the life goes on.

Etherion is also a home for retired gods. Gods who have lost their powers and world. Or gods who take a break from ruling their worlds. Experience, knowledge and secrets. And the hunt on the imposter has brought me here. This is the place where I can escape from my duties. As a god in many worlds, and the judge or worlds, I need a break from all. And even here I rule. I am the mayor of a town. I’ll show you around when I have the time. But you said you were looking for a town to live in? You are out of luck. This one is full. You should take a look around Etherion Lands. They have a board with towns you can join. I can suggest Raffaello and Pearl. Amsterdam is nice too, if you can speak Dutch. ‘ I can see the face of the man before me changing from happiness to sadness. I look at him as he uses a teleporter to return to Etherion Lands. Then I turn around and walk back to my home. I hope he can find a good town and follows the rules and laws of this world. But right now mayors would not speak with outsiders. It is already dark outside. I can hear zombies, I think that there are ten nearby. I grab my diamond sword. Earlier today I trained in the Uarena. I took my diamond sword with me in case of an emergency. It is a good thing that I did, as I forgot the time. One of the zombies is close now. I take a look to my house. I can’t make it in time. At that moment I feel something flying by, followed by a sound of something heavy falling down. I see Greatest219 on the roof of his house. His house is behind my house. He is holding a bow. He aims carefully. I run to my house and close the doors. It is not finished yet, but it can hold the monsters out. The tree is still growing. In the meantime, I live above my shop. I store the diamond pickaxe in my chest and locks it. I ready my diamond sword and go outside. The zombies are already killed. I thank Greatest219 for his help and go to my shop. Then I go to bed.

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