A modern version of Cinderella.

Jessica and Jack Not So Happily Ever After

Jessica never had a mother. As long as she could remember, there was nobody except her father, George, and her. George had often shown her pictures of her mother because Jessica was depressed. She never had a mother, but now her dad was trying to replace her mother. The woman, Ellen, was tall, bony, and had an ominous aura around her. She had two spoiled twin daughters, also inheriting her thin, lanky frame. To add to their looks, they were extremely snotty and brusque. Their names were Claudia and Carla. After a few months, George and Ellen were married. Because of her dad’s excessively busy job, going away on business trips for years was normal.

Ellen simply loathed Jessica, and Jessica also hated her back. Ellen stole and broke Jessica’s cell phone, laptop, and even scared away her most of her friends, though she still had a few. She had no way of contacting her father now, nor did she have many friends. On top of all that, tedious chores were given to her everyday. If they were not done to Ellen’s satisfaction, Jessica would often be slapped. A combination of all of these factors often left Jessica crying in bed at night and disheartened during the day.

Jessica was lovely. Her flaxen hair was long and shiny and her face was free of acne. She was beautiful, even in her old pass-down jeans and shirts. On the other hand the two sisters looked as if they belonged in some haunted house. Their faces were plastered with acne and their hair was just an oily tangle. No matter how much make-up they wore, what sort of acne remover they used, or what sort of dresses they wore, it would never covered up their repulsiveness and their clumsy, maladroit moves.

Soon, the prom was upon them. Jack was definitely going to become the Homecoming King. He was extremely popular but also very imperious. The problem was that he did not have a person to go with. Being how arrogant he was, he decided to hold “try-outs”. The two sisters grew really excited and decided to try. They carefully placed make-up and tried on fancy dresses with the help of Ellen. Claudia left in a hurry.

No more than five minutes later was she back.

“He doesn’t love me!” she wailed and sobbed on her sister’s dress.

Liked it
  • Bradley Lee on Mar 6, 2009

    It Sucked.

  • Rosie on Sep 25, 2010

    Wow- I really enjoyed this.
    I hope too see more from you. Thanks!


  • Jessica on Sep 26, 2010

    Amazing story!!!
    Keep it up!!

  • subin lee on Sep 30, 2010

    Bradly Lee!!! you loser it didn\’t suck it is sooooooo good

  • subinlee on Sep 30, 2010

    thanx it helped me out alot

  • Omar on Mar 13, 2011

    can the author plz gimme an official name so i can use it in my essay. i will not publish ur name. plz answer as soon as possible

    this is a great adaptation of cinderella in modern civilisation, thats y i wanna use it.
    i can send u my essay if u want???

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