Mandy tells her mother how upset she is that they failed the projects.

When Mandy got into the car, her mother wanted to know everything that happened. She asked, “So, how did Nissa react when she read those grading sheets?” Mandy responded, “She was disappointed, and so was I. She said that we can do better, but I don’t think that we can.” This was perfect. This was the exact sentence that Mrs. Parker needed in order to begin her lecture.

Mrs. Parker said, “I hate to be so negative, but I honestly don’t think that all of you will ever be able to pass.” Mandy said, “Yes, I totally agree! Nissa needs to face the facts! There is no chance of us passing at all! We are just going to keep failing everything!” Mrs. Parker said, “I know, and I knew this all along. Why are you wasting your time over there?” Mandy just sat there. She was very disappointed that her mother had taken this conversation in a negative direction.

Mandy knew that her mother hated the institution, but she had had enough. She said, “Mom! Just because we are failing does not mean that I shouldn’t be there. I like to be there. I just wish we could pass, that’s all.” Her mother said, “Well, if you want to pass then you can’t be there. It’s just not going to happen.” Mandy said, “I think we need to stop talking about this.”

Mrs. Parker was furious. Nothing was going her way. She said, “What? Is it something I said?” Mandy indignantly said, “Mom, every time I talk about failing you have to tell me that I shouldn’t be at the institution. I’m not going anywhere. I’m not leaving the institution.” Mrs. Parker yelled, “Mandy! I didn’t say that! Stop saying I said things that I didn’t say!” Mandy look out the window, as a tear rolled down from her eye.

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