Mrs. Johnson notices that Mandy is having some problems in class.

Mrs. Johnson was Mandy’s fifth grade teacher. Whenever she taught a class, she liked to get to know her students and to understand them better. She learned a lot just by analyzing their behavior.

One of the students that stood out to her was Mandy Parker. Mandy, of course, did not look as pretty as the other girls, but besides that, there were other things about her that made her different. First of all, Mandy seemed to have more anxiety than the other children. Whenever they would have a test or a quiz, Mandy would completely panic. One time, she was practically crying as she handed in her test. Mrs. Johnson could tell that there were many questions that Mandy had not known the answers to. Mrs. Johnson said, “Mandy, just hand in the test. Nothing bad is going to happen.” Mandy did as she was told, but Mrs. Johnson could tell that Mandy did believe that something was going to happen.

Another thing that Mrs. Johnson noticed was that Mandy always took all of her books home with her, even the ones that she did not need. One time, Mrs. Johnson said, “Mandy, you do not need all of those books. Surely, you can leave the ones in your desk that you do not need.” Mandy just said, “No, I have to bring them home.” Mrs. Johnson, once again, could tell that something else was wrong.

It was also evident to Mrs. Johnson that Mandy did not seem to fit in with the other students, but this was beside the point. She assumed that perhaps Mandy was oversensitive or extremely anxious for no apparent reason. She also, in the back of her mind, wondered if maybe stuff went on at home that caused Mandy to behave that way.

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