When Mrs. Waverly finds the grading sheets, she has to read them to her Group D students. No one wants to tell the best students in the institution that they failed.

Mrs. Waverly taught the Group D students, and they were the best in the entire institution. She had very high expectations for them. Even though they had failed the project in their first presentation, she concluded that the judges had been wrong. She never believed that something so horrible could happen again.

Mrs. Waverly sat in the brown chair in her classroom with the wooden floor and the gray stairs. She took out the grading sheets and said, “These are the results from the last presentation. Now, the important thing is not the subject material that you present, but how well you know the information. Always remember that. According to these grading sheets, you failed the project. They wrote that the project lacked direction and that it could have been done better.” She sat there and started to cry.

All of the students looked on in horror. Mrs. Waverly never cried about anything. Bridget, one of the students, said, “Don’t cry, Mrs. Waverly. We can do better.” Mrs. Waverly said, “I just don’t see how this could happen. You all are the best.” Melinda, another one of the students, replied, “Maybe the judges made a mistake.” Mrs. Waverly liked this idea, and said, “Yes, they must have.” This seemed to be what she wanted to hear.

When class was over that day, Melinda asked, “Do you really think that Mrs. Waverly thought that the judges made a mistake?” Bridget said, “No, but she wouldn’t be able to tolerate the thought of us failing. In her mind, everything has to be perfect.” Melinda said, “To tell you the truth, I can’t really stand the thought of us failing either.” It only makes sense that in a place like the institution, not really being the best is an unfamiliar concept.

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