A short story of some mysterious deaths in the jungle.

Murder in the jungle


It has now been approximately a year since I left the heat and humidity of the tropical climate of Belize in Central America. Since that time I have returned to England for a little while before moving on again and a return to China and teaching English.

One incident, or series of incidents that occurred a short time before my leaving the harsh environment behind I will now relate to you. The day in question began just as many previous ones had, until mid way through the afternoon a dead body was found on the lawn. The slayer was still in the area and at this time avoided capture. Deep in the jungle and far from the civilized world there was little need to inform the authorities of this latest death after all it was almost inevitable that the lawlessness of these surroundings would sometimes claim a victim. The mate of the deceased though had remained close by during the killing and did not appear to be too stressed out by his losing his partner. In fact far from it, when only a few days later he was seen chasing another female around his abode. This latest addition though was only in the area for less than 24 hours when she was later found to have been slain in a similar fashion. The same perpetrator of the crime but this pattern of deaths began to raise questions as to the innocence of the male survivor of these two crimes.

The two victims were now safely interred into the earth; the one remaining rabbit was now securely fenced in. The dog that had dug under the fencing to form a hole and allow the two rabbits to escape their stockade only to find their route blocked by the jaws of this accomplice to their safe passage from within the cage. Their saviour was in fact their executioner, and now the dog in question made it his sole endeavour to have himself a third victim. No more replacements were bought, the cage was further strengthened but inevitably eventually the dog had his day. The cage now stands empty, but then the jungle is not really the environment for a defenceless bunny to go running around in either. The jungle certainly is a harsh environment and an area where only the strong or adaptable survive, not a place to rear rabbits I believe!



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