These stories are like Al Capone in the United States during the 1930’s, only they used a car to drive up and rob the bank, or gun down someone they did not like. There are many stories like this.

Billy Sunday and wife (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)

Mobsters of the 1930’s

There is  plenty of  each to go around, just take  you pick of  how  you want to  kill or  be  killed, no  need  to be  picky  someone  will do it  the  way you  want. One  of  the first things a good  gun for  hire needs  besides  his  gun, is a motorcycle and  a  good  driver.

Then  they can ride  quickly up to the  victim and  pump some  lead  into him before he even knows  he  is  being  attacked.  These  guys are  like a modern day Billy The  KID, the  difference is  Billy  used a horse and a Colt 45 six shooter, the killers today use a  45 automatic and  they may have  only  two  or  three bullets  for  it  because  they can’t afford to fill  the  clip.

  What a way to be a desperado!!

Then there are some folks that are not satisfied by how fast the wheels of justice turn. Yesterday  a bad  guy  was out  on bail and someone  wanted to make  sure  he  got  what  was  coming  to him, he  was  a robber  , burglar and drug dealer and they let him  out  on bail. There  were  some  folks  who did not  like that  so  they  tracked  him  down and shot  him in  a taxi, and then escaped  on a waiting  motor cycle.

Just  think  what  Billy  the  Kid could  have  done  with a motorcycle,  Pat Garret could  never  have  caught  him. Unless, he forgot to bring extra gas with him.

A cop who  shot  his  friend after an  argument  is  going to face  life  in prison, while  drinking  they got mad at  each other  and he  got  mad and  killed  his  friend,  never  carry a gun when  drinking, or drink with someone who  is  carrying one, or  someone you could make  mad. Now  what  could  be bad enough to bring  out  the rage  in him enough to where  he  would  kill his  friend? Lots of folks say “one beer won’t  hurt you”, but  in reality it could  kill you.

This  is  what  can happen  when people  sit around and  drink  and  have  nothing else  to  do, all it  takes  is  one  wrong  word. Someone  with  a quick temper  will  blow  up.


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