A share from a character of one love story.

It was 22nd of December 2009 when a Filipina-Chinese woman happened to see a European guy hanging on the jeepney somewhere in Maribago. She rode on that jeepney and a conversation between them started. They had conversed about so many things and issues inlcuding Philosophy, Science, and moral principles which was very much discussed when they talked about being an opportunist. There were doubts regarding trusts and lies. The magical timings of the whole affair were as close to fate as one can ever expect in a world outside Hollywood. He shared to her his experiences in Maribago such as the lost of his cellphone and the basketball game with Filipino bastards. The lost phone played perfectly on the losing-track-of-time that would otherwise have hurried them off on separate paths. He asked her where she was going and vice versa. Then they started to know each other by name. It was due to their 10 questions-NO LIE game which led to a good companionship that night. He kept on teasing her regarding richness and Philosophy. He called her a crazy girl even at the early times of the conversation. He was actually catching a ship for Leyte at 7:00 pm but they arrived at the Hiway Street at 7:00 pm which made it quite impossible for them to reach pier 3 since both of them chose to ride a jeepney.
At the street, while waiting for 21A jeepney, her colleagues came and asked her who he was. She was confused what to answer. A friend? A new friend? Or just a stranger? So he answered, a soulmate! Great indeed! She was amused. The conversations continued. As part of the 10 queries, they were able to share some personal information about each other including the age which surprised both of them. They thought she was younger than him, but it was the opposite.

She was worried about his trip and the delay. But she tried to manage it. However, it was kind of a bad luck that they weren’t able to ride on the jeepney easily so her colleagues went to SM mall first riding another jeepney. Until such time that they were able to ride, she thought he was going to pier 3 but as she paid the fare, he said he would go with her to the mall if she wouldn’t mind. She was very surprised at the same time guilty because it seemed to her that she was the one bringing the bad luck.

He helped her looked for BEN 10 toys for her exchange gift party. It was thanks to him that she bought the right toys. He acted like a real treasure hunter. He amused her so much from the beginning until the end. Then they went to Orange Brutus to eat since he admitted that even by the time they arrived at Hiway he was already starving and that was another point for her guilt feeling. They had a long conversation and talked about each other’s plan of traveling to Singapore. Sad to say, they didn’t have the same timing. He also learned that she was very determined to go to London. He even told her that in case her visa would be denied, he would help her like marrying her and then get a divorce after. But he was very certain to say that it would depend on the cost. 
A very certain person – that was how she thought of him. However, to her mind he may be a certain person but she found him impressive because he was unpredictable. The date as she called it wasn’t expected. Moreover, she couldn’t forget how he carried her in the escalator to move her a step down. She screamed a bit and was totally shocked. She didn’t expect him to be able to do that. Also, the magic tricks he showed were simple but cute. He showed them to her when they were walking on the way to pier 3 to check and be sure of the shipping schedules. She felt so nervous especially when he tried to turn her around and held her close. She didn’t want to show how shaking she was. After learning the schedule and concluded that he missed the last trip, they looked for a nearest hotel for him to stay. For this long time he teased her so much. He called her so many titles of both good and evil. They rode a taxi going to the said hotel and she offered to pay the fare but he volunteered. Unfortunately, the place was full so they had to go to the extension building and along the way he uttered that it was ok for her to walk and stay that long because she had no bag while he had. She offered to bring his bag. He handed it to her, but she wasn’t almost able to balance. He said that if she wanted he could carry her. She didn’t believe it, yet all of the sudden, he already carried her which made her hold him on the nape and looked at him even more closer. It was like she was flying to the moon. However, she was a very careful person so no matter what she felt and how she really felt inside, she opted to kept quiet and be discreet.

As she left him in the hotel safe, she had a secret argument inside. An argument only she knew. She wanted to say “thank you with” a kiss and a hug but was too shy to do it. So it ended up with a very conservative “byebye.” Anyway, she didn’t want to stay long because he might notice her teary eyes. She realized he was right. Like him, she also didn’t like heartbreak and missing someone for 6 months or more.
But out of her knowledge, the European guy dropped his bags off at the hotel and, with a swift walk, tried to trace the steps that his little guardian demon (her)  would most likely have taken in her hasty leaving. In a failed attempt to do the one and only thing he might have been certain about that whole night, he wanted to catch her up and say goodbye less conservatively, but he was glad it failed, as he missed her so much as it was. He certainly hope that the story was not at its end yet, but he struggled to see how it could go on without pain.

She went home with confusing feelings. Sometimes she caught herself smiling because she was happy, but sometimes sad in the awareness that it could have been the beginning yet the end of the story.
She spelled that night – “my best first date ever.” It was unexpected and he was unpredictable though he said he IS predictable. She also had teary eyes because she was already missing him.

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  • suhail on Aug 11, 2010

    wow that was one lengthy read .. :) had fun with it …

  • sasuke191 on Aug 11, 2010

    I read this once, read some parts again and thought over them and I’m still thinking!!.. Lol!!.. ^^

  • RAJEEV BHARGAVA on Aug 11, 2010

    I really enjoyed reading this story. It held my interest throughout. Thanks very much, hushi, for sharing. :)

  • Jimmy Shilaho on Aug 11, 2010

    Another very romantic short story.

  • CC23 on Aug 11, 2010

    thanks for the comments guys =)

  • K64FUNNY on Aug 12, 2010

    fine post,thnx

  • Great Idea on Aug 12, 2010

    Once you begin to move beyond basic background information, you begin to realize that there’s more to My Best First Date Ever than you may have first thought.

  • CC23 on Aug 12, 2010

    thanks =)

  • prospector68 on Aug 14, 2010

    Excellent work! Great story…

  • CC23 on Aug 14, 2010

    thank you my friend =)

  • Joseph Scott on Aug 17, 2010

    Good short story, I liked it.. I think most people can relate to this!

  • Nykesha Alexandra on Aug 23, 2010

    hushi ikaw ba yung girl? hehehe… kinikilig ako hahaha… A very nice love story. Sana magkita kayo ulit.

  • CC23 on Aug 26, 2010

    @ J.L: thanks pal. =)

    @ ishi : haha. nahulaan mo hap…hehehe, thanks =)

  • CC23 on Aug 26, 2010

    ah..naging kami din talaga. actually, we are travelling right now so I don\’t have time to write. hehe =)

  • CVSivaprakashan on Sep 14, 2010

    Touching indeed.

  • earthlyjewels on Sep 15, 2010

    Awww, very nice. Enjoyed reading this…thanks for this post.

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