Part four.

When I walked in there were students trying to help the others who had not been so badly injured I looked around there was no Jessie. I started to freak out and kept looking when I got an idea, Jessie hadn’t turned her phone off yet since it was only first period. I quickly pulled mine out of my pocket and hither speed dial and listened. My ring tone came from a small corner in the back.  Ran over to only to confirm my worst fears, Jessie and her friend where laying in the back together face down in pool of their own blood I couldn’t say anything I just backed away and sat outside the door for Jesse to come.

Finally after what seemed to be forever Jesse quickly turned the corner. I jumped up and ran to him. When I was finally safe in his arms I started to cry. There was nothing worse than seeing your entire school shot and killed. I mean everyone had thought about it everyone has said they would do it… but no one ever really carried it out. I couldn’t get the faces out of my mind all the people I had grown up with for years even the ones I hated. I just couldn’t bear it anymore. I fell to my knees and started to cry harder than I think I have ever cried before. While I was crying Jesse was desperately trying to tell me something, pleading with me to get up that someone was coming. Just then I felt a sharp pain behind my right ear and that’s when everything went black.


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