A short story about my dog Buddy and what I think is going through his head… :/

A Day in the life of BuddyHi my name is Buddy. I am a white maltese poodle mix…I think. Well that’s what Jessica says to people. My owners names are Jessica and Yazmin. They say it is a joint custody. Mainly because Yazmin lives in New York. I love where I live. I get to be lazy, I love going on walks and rides in the car.They feed me everyday, and I pretty much eat when I want. When Jessica is home with me, we like to watch TV and movies, eat, and play.I can tell that she loves me because of the way she hugs me. She lets me sleep in her bed at night. I love not having to sleep on my stupid little doggy bed. I love sleeping so a nice, comfy bed is very convenient. If you ask me to get in the car, I will run to it. One time we went to a really big doggy park and I got to pee on a lot of trees and weeds.There were a lot of other doggies there. We ran around and played with toys.It got really hot so I laid down right in front of the water bowl. It wasn’t mine but I didn’t care. When I was tired I walked right up to the gate to leave. They figured that I wanted to leave because the followed me.When I see men I don’t like, I let them know that I don’t like them.I can sense that they are bad.Jessica’s step-dad is the only one that I am afraid of. He is mean and thinks that all animals are rotten. He wants to get rid of me. Jessica wont let him though. Every time that I get into something, she takes me down stairs and won’t let her mean dad touch me.I love her for that. And when I see her cry I go sit in her lap and sometimes I lick her tears away, to let here know that I am here for her. I give her the love that she gives me right back to her. I hate it when I get baths, but at the end of the day I smell better and I get more hugs. I love it when Jessica has friends over.They love me and rug my belly and talk to me. This is the life. <3

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  • lrdl3535 on Jun 18, 2012

    Thanks for sharing the story

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