Okay so my dog kiwi is really weird and yes her name is, in fact, kiwi. I am just going to tell you a little story about her, but first I will tell you the things she does and likes: Love to play in snow(jumps all around and plays fetch with snow if you put it into a snowball), she plays fetch, hide n’ seek, tag, dances, and most of all be adorable. She loves food(all dogs do) but weird thing is she likes fruit!?! She also love her toys and she will growl if you touch them. And she loves to run all round the house and backyard. And as I’m typing this she is sitting right next to me! Okay now for the story. YEAH!

Now once upon of day probably a couple years back Kiwi was playing outside. Enjoying the fresh air, pooping on the ground, drinking from the pond in the backyard, tying to eat the fish, and ,of coarse, chasing the birds. She was having a good time and then she had found the perfect chance. Near the pond there was a bird. Is was right next to her. She got closer and closer. Is was about to fly. She took a step back. Then froze! Wait for it wait for it. Then all the sudden she ran up to the bird. It was a couple feet in the air and boom! She had jumped in the air and bit the wing of the poor, helpless bird. Now I saw it with my own eyes, and if I wasn’t there she would have tour it apart. I ran to my mom and told her everything. Now us two ran with my sisters behind us (they are really slow), and we came to the backyard. My mother got gloves picked up the bird, it was still alive thank God, and we put it in a shoe box. We put grass in the coffin i mean box and laid it inside. My sister and I went to find worms. Oh and  we found worms alright. Lots of worms. We literally had to wash our hand five time. Its was about nine and I fell asleep.

The next day I asked my mom where the bird was and she said dead. No longer blood pumping through the heart, no brain was working, and staying still. It was officially dead. So after school my other sister and I dug up a hole in the backyard and put what was a shoe box, but now a coffin in the whole. We put the dirt back and went inside. On the weekend my friend, Wilson, and I decorated the grave sight which also had a couple hamsters in it (Yes i know what your thinking…”O M G he has a graveyard in his backyard…poor animals…Eww!”). We put flowers, pretty rocks, and some sticks all around the grave where a dead, rotten bird was resting in peace. And that is the story of how my dog Kiwi killed a bird. I do have many more stories but that is it for now…THE END! :D

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