About a young man, who has to go on a journey to save his sister and defeat evil!

The warning bell told. I jumped out of bed grabbed my spear. The Raiders were coming for the fifth time this week. You could smell their stench from a mile away. I ran over to the gate were the rest of the small militia was located. The leader Locke shouted orders here and there.

He yelled “Flint go down to the sea caves with the women and children. Mark and Paul you go with him defend them with your life”.

“Eye-eye captain” we replied. The captain gave us each a sword and shield.

“Go now before time runs out” The captain shouted. We ran so fast that our helmets nearly flew of our heads. We entered the hidden path towards the sea cave as the sounds of battle echoed from the town. We increased our pace just as we went around the corner there was a scream from the cave and before we could get there they had grabbed my sister. There were four of them I drew my sword and charged I slashed my sword, but it was too late it had already drawn its war hammer!

“How are you” the voice said. As I woke up I noticed that there was a tall figure standing over me. I tried to sit up but a sharp pain cracked down my back.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”! I screamed in agony.

“Just rest” The figure said. So I did as he said and dosed off. I awoke with a start. I was being carried on a stretcher I noticed that the tall man was Locke. I looked from side to side and noticed that there were tall oak trees on either side. The sun was blotted out by dark clouds. The only thing I could hear was the sound of hoofs and crows screeching. I knew were we where going to the witch doctor at the cliffs. We arrived at the house and Locke knocked on the door a short maybe 4 foot tall old man swung the door open. He had a small nose and an extremely wrinkled face and eyes the size of marbles.

His voice cracked “come in come in”. I gulped as we entered. The walls were lined with cob webs and ancient pictures of battles long ago. He led us into a small room were they set me down on a table.

The doctor said “keep him still”. He grabbed a flask with a green liquid in it. Then he poured it on my leg wounds it felt as if he were driving a knife through my leg. After a few minutes of pain I could move my legs again. Then he grabbed a cup of water and ground some blue and red leave into it. Then he told me to drink it as it went down the taste nearly made me vomit it had a smell of rotten eggs. The last thing I remember before going into a deep sleep was Locke standing over me.

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