This is a peaceful story for young children who love birds and like to play in the garden. It’s a story about a young orphan girl who can hear the butterflies and gets her one wish come true.
Start reading to find out her one wish coming true!

Daisy was sitting in her garden, situated at the back of their house. There was a brick wall surrounding the perimeter. Beds of Rose were arranged in a small circle with lilies, dandelions and red poppies. Living in Modern London had taken away most of the pleasure of natural beauties such as animals, plants and scenery. No doubt that the scenery of modernity was a picture to be taken. She had planted lots of different flowers… Rose for love, Dandelion for wishes to come true, Eucalyptus for protection.

Daisy had her own world in these few yards. Her love for flowers was inherited from her mother. No one to console, advice, love, care about her, and these petals were her only companions. She was named Daisy for purity and loyalty. Even if no one knows she understood the importance of this name.


She was admiring the butterflies, which landed over the flowers. They were beautiful. Some consisted of black stripes around a bright colored background, some had spots or geometric patterns.


The fluttering of wings and the swaying of flowers, blooming of buds, smell of grass and steady sound of wind was soothing.


Daisy had spent an hour admiring them when she heard a voice. Not a voice-a melody as if someone was playing on a piano. It wasn’t loud but not too silent either. Neither a female’s nor a male’s voice!


“Who are you?” Daisy whispered in her soft voice

Few moments passed and there it was.



“Hello? Please say something.” It was such a lovely voice that Daisy couldn’t help it.

“Wind! I call you. You carried this beautiful voice in you. Will you bring the voice to me again?”

There was a big blow of wind so strong that it seemed the flower roots wouldspring from their place.

It seemed to Daisy that the storm was about to come, her hair was blowing on her face and the sky around her turned dark, rain poured down the sky. Everything around her seemed to haunt her, as if wanting to snatch her away from the ground.


The voice spoke, again and again. But not through the wind but the butterfly.

She took a step backwards and began to shiver.


“Don’t you care about other lives, animals?” asked the unknown voice.

She was shocked, not a word she could utter. Then she realized it was an angel regarding Daisy.


She caught a look where the butterfly was pointing

“You are right to address me. I must care about others, not so absorbed in my whole fantasy”


Lying on the far side of the garden, below the oak tree, near the mushrooms was a ____tears welled up in Daisy’s eyes. She ran into the house to grab a first aid kit. Grabbing a bandage and disinfectant, she ran back near the tree to aid the helpless dove. She picked up the broken side of the wing and wrapped the bandage around it securing it to the body.


“You won’t be able to fly, little dove, but it’ll heal and won’t be so painful”

Daisy whispered to the bird, consoling it.

In reply, there was a slight whimper.  She took the bird in her hand and carried it towards the flower bed when the wind stopped blowing and the dove magically transformed into a beautiful lady. She wore a white dress with crimson beads and her hair was secured with a crown.


“What do you wish for?” asked the unknown.

“Who are you?” Daisy was curious.

“I am an angel/fairy/godmother…I am here to fulfill your wishes in this magical garden”

“Really? Anything” Daisy was excited and began to wonder what that on wish could be. After a moments thought, she regarded the beautiful lady.

“Can I have my mother back? Dad says she’s gone into heaven but I don’t know where heaven is so I can’t find her”


The beautiful lady smiled at Daisy and quicker than the blink of an eye, her mother appeared before Daisy.

She embraced her daughter inoto her arms for a long time. Pulling back, there were tears of joy.

“My daughter, my love!” Daisy’s mother approached her with a delightful smile sparkling on her face.

Together with her parents, Daisy lived happily.

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