An account of an allotment my grandfather used to have…many years ago.

Our house in Glasgow was an old house. Previous owners had servants , as in one room bells indicating other rooms about the house, were placed on the wall. The occupants prior to our ownership ; was avet. The kitchen was where his consultations and procedures took place: it was decorated black and yellow. The wallpaper was a mixture of vinyll and hessian. Old coal fires were still to the fore and wooden fire surrounds with tiling decoration clung to the walls. This house had a good sized garden, at the foot of which ran a lane. This lane was at the back running the full length of the terrace, it was there to let dustbin men and workmen to access to the rear of the buildings. Beyond the lane fence we looked onto an area titled “The Plots”, this being short for allotments. Plots or Allotments if one wishes to be posh, are a large field area split up into small individual gardens. Perhaps not so small but individual none the less. There was a boom in plots post war years especially for people who lived in room and kitchen flats, in the tenements of Glasgow. My Grandparents lived in Possilpark in a two room flat with a small kitchenette. It was only a ten minute walk from Possilpark to our house so having an allotment was ideal. It could be accessed from the back of our domicile, very handy.

Grandfather was a keen gardener having been born and brought up in High Banton, a small hamlet nestled in the Kilsyth Hills. In his career he had been a ploughman and a miner, finally becoming a policeman and settling in Possilpark, Glasgow. he loved his plot, spending most of a day working the soil and planting and growing vegetables and flowers. Never mind todays trend for organic produce , back then it was second nature for most.

I remeber yet the musty earthy smell in Grandfathers shed as he sat and had a brew of tea .No flasks in those days he drummed a brew on a little stove with a kettle. The best tea in the universe as we supped on the nectar like contents with Grandfather lighting up, being washed with sunshine. Heady days.

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