A short story about when I took a trip to Italy :)

The Italy trip is here and I can’t wait to get out there and be surrounded by all the history Italy has to offer.  I have always been interested by history, for as long as I can remember.  Italy definitely does not have a shortage of it.  Many people might think history is boring or stupid, and it can be.  The reason I love it is just being there, thinking about what life was back then, whenever it was.  I love the feeling I get when I touch the same things people touched two thousand years ago, or how ever long ago.  I try to see the world through their eyes, what they were going through, what they were feeling, and everything else.  Of course these are only ideas, theories of mine.  True or not, it is still fun to think about.  So no wonder I couldn’t wait to get to Italy, it is a history nerd’s paradise.

The first day after I wrote my last status update on facebook and said caio to my family, my excitement was shadowed by fourteen hours on planes.  Luckily I was able to find new light as soon as we landed.  It was everything I had expected and more, and we had not even begun the trip yet.  It got better and better as we went along.  After we landed in Milan we went to Arona, a quiet little town settled next to the water.  A giant castle watched over the town from the distant hillside.  Arona was the perfect balance of peace and tranquility.  At the end of the trip the hardest things were leaving, and trying to decide where to live when I move to Italy.  Every town was as good or better then the last.  This whole trip has made such an impact on me.  It showed me I love to travel.  I want to see the whole world now.  It also showed me that my parents did something right, because I love them a lot but I wasn’t homesick.  I am ready to move on and do my own thing when the time comes.  Venice was so amazing, the water canals there were great to see.  They really made you think you were in Italy.  Venice is known for its glass blowing, but recognized for the canals.  When I was in Venice it was the first time I really realized where I was.  I was in Italy!!  A place I had only seen in pictures and movies in the past.  No picture or story can prepare you for the amazing things Italy has to offer.  Even now I have been back for around a month and I’m still able to write about the trip.  I will never forget that trip!

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  • sensation on Feb 11, 2011

    Dear Billboy,

    I enjoyed’My Italy Trip”. Good one.

  • billboy1993 on Feb 14, 2011

    Thanks a lot Sensation, if you liked this you might like some of my other stuff, if you havint already looked through it.

  • Josh B. on Feb 19, 2011

    Hey billboy, I really enjoyed it too. Makes me want to visit Italy.

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