The day I saved my sisters life.

It all happened on the fourth of July, Starting out as a pretty average day. But little did I now that it would be the most exciting day of my life.

We were in the car on our way to my uncle Okmed’s fourth of July pool party. He throws it every year. There are always lots of fire works, and I always have a blast. Once we got there we ate lunch and then went swimming. all except my sister Maddy who was only three at the time. i guess she must have gotten bored or lonely or something because out of nowhere she dove into the deep end of the pool. She couldn’t swim yet so she sank, I quickly swam to the bottom of the pool to save her. I pulled her up and she was crying, but at least she was ok.

After the craziest day ever we ate dinner then sat back and watched fireworks. they were brilliant shades of all colors. But, Maddy was scared by the noise, at least until she saw the “pretty colors.” And that was the most exciting day of my life.

And now you no why any normal day can become the most exciting day of your life.

Also watch the little ones so they don’t get hurt. A life is a precious thing.

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  • okeydokey #3 on Jan 3, 2008

    this is much better than the other two I read…it is a sort of prose mixed with certain…poetic elements…this is inspiring…thank you…try this more often…poems along these lines will lead you far if you…perfect them…good job

  • sha on Feb 9, 2009

    your really good so far your story is the best keep it up!!!

  • jessica on Mar 12, 2010

    it helped me a bit , buh i think it needs more describinq words and more about how you felt .

    thanks :)

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