This is my story of being a teen age dad, please read parts one and two first, thank you.

The summer holiday were coming to an end, the pregnacy was also coming to an end, any day now i would be a father, which was a strange thought as i was getting ready to go back to school soon. It was my last year of school, i needed to do well with my exams for my GCSE’s to get the best results so i had more option when it come to leaving school. Trouble was this was not at the front of my mind.

My son was born on the 10th of September in the early hours of the morning, this also happened to be my first day back to school , so i didnt know anything about untill i got home that afternoon, where his mother lived with her prarents and i lived  with mine i had no idea that he was healthy which is all any parent wants to hear when there child is born.  Not having moblie phone and the ease of connect with people that we all have with each other these days, you had to wait to find things out. It was a little upsetting that i didnt know straght away but our parents thought it was best to let me be at school for the first day back, now looking back i can see this was for the best.

That evening i went up the hospital to see my son for the first time, i still didnt really know what this ment to have a child, that i had to be someone that was reoseable, able to provide and be there for another person, how could a fithteen year old boy, still with a year of school to do be expected to understand these things when still unable to suport himself, that a side i was determind to do the best i could, i may not of been able to provide for him right away, i may not of had the knowledge to suport him but god dam it i would love him and be there as much as i could.  I then held my son for the first time.

Leaving the hospital that evening i dont think the seriouness of the situation ever really sunk in, i was not the sort of person that thought about to much, i would just get on with things and get done what needs to be done, do what i needed to do. when i think about it now writing this if i was to be in that situation again, i would be worried about how much hard work is required to bring up a child, it is hard and puts pressure on a relationship under the best of times. Not knowing i didnt give it a second thought i just got on with doing what i needed to do.

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  • SharifaMcFarlane on Oct 6, 2012

    I admire your dedication. Your son is blessed to have responsible parents.

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