The story describes the events leading up to Moaning Myrtle’s death. It also follows her journey through the void between life and death where she has to make a decision to move on or return to earth as a ghost.

“HAHA. Everyone look at Myrtle. What weird spectacles. Did a Horned-Buffalo Salamander craft that from its fecal matter? HAHA.”

Everyone was teasing poor Myrtle. She couldn’t stand it anymore. “LEAVE ME ALONE” she screamed and stormed off to the second floor girl’s toilet. Few people use that toilet because it was out of the way of any normal routes to classes. Nobody would find her there.

She ran in and slammed the door of the stall behind her. She dropped down onto the toilet seat and started weeping uncontrollably.

“I hate that Olive Hornby. She’s such a troll. What’s wrong with my glasses? I don’t deserve to be tortured like this. Oh just wait Hornby. Once I learn that hex to make one’s ears drop off you’ll be getting the first dose.” said Myrtle with menace in her voice. That was when something weird happened.

“Saaashami ugaru sieth” an unfamiliar voice called. Myrtle could clearly recognise it to be the voice of a boy. ‘What is a boy doing here?’ wondered Myrtle. She made up her mind to give that boy a goods piece of her mind. She opened the door of her stall and wiped the tears off her face.

“What are you doing here you perve…” was all she could manage. She had been met by the glare of two piercing yellow eyes. They sent chills down her spine that paralysed her body. These chills soon manifested into stabbing pains and she couldn’t feel her body below her neck. Then a gush of darkness engulfed Myrtle.

She was dead.

When Myrtle opened her eyes she saw that she was in a vast room. It was all white. There were white clouds swiveling around her feet. She realized that she was not wearing any clothes and she blushed. In the next moment some clouds stirred and whirled around her figure. When they subsided she was once again wearing robes.

Myrtle looked around. ‘Where am I?’ she wondered. Almost in the very next moment the clouds rose all around her and formed into large tall trees covered with snow. From behind the trees appeared a beautiful woman. She walked purposefully towards Myrtle. She stopped in front of her and stooped down to examine Myrtle.

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