Minute stories.

For now, Emma forgot all to think about the pleasure of bumping into twins with those eyes and that mouth smiling under his mustache, dark brown. Every time I returned to the scene Minghetti, the Kings rehearsed repetition of the set that had so well known, and more often with success, for, outside chance, or that the singer had the habit of looking far to the boxes and look at who admired him, and flirt in all kinds of roles and performing circumstances, it was requested by the pleasure twins Emma was renewed in various trances of the most serious and rushed the Opera, and baritone why not ceased to quarrel with the Queen, always desperate for the flight to France on the other.

Bonis not get over his amazement to notice, much to his delight, that Emma could not speak because of the treble or boots, a true anachronism, as he put it very well, or anything that could remotely relate to what he called ” of the rice powder. “

After the opera, returned to his home the Valcárcel, or if you like the Kings, but more typical is the Valcárcel for the little master of his house that was Boniface, took leave of marriage Nepomuceno, who lay maturing his plans for the future that, or he was wrong, or had inklings of change had not without dangers. And when Reyes was going to ask permission from his wife to retire to his room too, Emma did use it … than in the relations of that marriage could be called the royal prerogative.

Look, Bonis, I have no dream, and the sound of music has made me head like a drum … I will be unveiled, and alone and awake and nervous, I fear.

There was a moment of silence, and then continued:

‘Stay you.

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