A girl who encounters a surprising senario in her home, when she returned home after a really long time.

  Never a home

  It’s been years since I had last been to that horrid place. What I could remember was what I saw in my dreams and I wasn’t sure if it was a memory or just plain, a dream. It was really very hard looking into someone’s eyes and telling what death they were going to have but after a while you grow to numb that weak spot that you would laugh in the face of death.

         I hadn’t seen my sister since mother’s accident; well over 10 years ago. I hated the house I grew up in. I never liked it. My parents always tried to make that glum house be as happy as it could but there was always a sadness that hung in the air. It could be the fact that my father cheated on my mother when I was younger then left or it could just be that the house was not very compelling to me.

         It was a neat house though. It sat in an enchanted little neighborhood where the neighbors were like family. It was a 2 storey white house and it was just as I remembered it; flowers on the porch and the same swing out in the yard. I knocked on the door and patiently awaited an answer. The door opened and a dog ran to my feet. It was a golden retriever, a very healthy looking dog.

          I patted his head and ran fingers through his soft delicate fur. He licked at my feet and attempted to jump on me. “Rufee, come here!” said a tiny voice from behind the door. I was a little girl. I estimated her age to be about 6. The dog left me and ran towards her. He didn’t jump on her but ran around her. He was bigger than her but she acted as though it wasn’t obvious.

         A woman approached the door and said to the girl, “Amy, take Rufus inside.” I would never forget that face. Nothing has changed; her brown short hair, those affectionate eyes and those high, defined cheek bones. “Stacy!” she said as she realized who was standing at the door. She hugged me and I enjoyed the embrace. “I missed you, Stacy, my lil sis.” She said in my ear; although she was only 2 years older than me.

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