Continuing the mystery series by ActionSammy.

After hours and hours of talking and drinking and pretending to like some of the other guests Dede Summers was ready to call it a night. Since they’re all stuck here, might as well make the most of it by sleeping in one of bedrooms upstairs. After bidding good night to her singing partners Denise Marcus and Donna Willis, she made her way upstairs and took a few steps around the second floor before deciding to continue to the third floor.

 She walked around the third floor for a while, turning several corners and passing and opening many doors to take a look inside. She had checked out many bedrooms until she finally settled on one that she felt suited her and walked in. She admired the ambience of the large bedroom while completely undressing and sliding into the huge bed.

 Wow! So comfortable! All this room! Now if only she had a man!

 Dede swallowed a mental growl at that last thought. She was downright past disappointed that only seven men showed up at this party, three of whom are with someone. WTF? How the hell is a girl supposed to get laid with only four men to choose from? And none of them really paid her much attention. She thought she saw Steven Jones giving her the eye when they were all outside but it turned out he was actually looking at Denise! She thought about approaching Damian Christenson earlier but he was too bus laughing and carrying on with Sandra McDonald and Sharon Slawinski and others and couldn’t find a minute to approach him. And she felt that she and Paul Hopper could’ve made a connection if Laurie Marcus hadn’t shown up and started running her trap a thousand words per minute! She made a mental note to deal with that barefoot-running hillbilly later. She approached Mike only to find that he’s, in fact, already taken. Shit!

 For a while it occurred to her that maybe she should try to make a move on either Sammy Davidson or Earl Whitely, even though they’re both taken but Dede Summers is a firm believer in karma. She knows that trying to steal another woman’s man would eventually come back to haunt her. But that still didn’t stop her from wanting to get laid. Now she lay in bed wishing she’d had brought her vibrator with her!

 Suddenly she heard the doorknob turning. What the hell? She pulled the sheet up closer to her face and began to shiver in fear. But when she saw the familiar male face she relaxed a little.

 “Oh, I’m sorry, didn’t know someone was here!” the man said.

 “It’s okay,” Dede said. “You didn’t wake up!”

 “How’s the bed?”

 “Very comfortable! You should come see for yourself!”

 One of the man’s eyebrows instinctively rose.

 “Aw you scared?” Dede removed the sheet to expose her big, curvy, voluptuous body. Dede looked at his stretched eyes. “Too much for you?”

 “Not at all!” The man walked in and closed the door. While he removed his clothes he said, “You sure have a lot to offer a man!”

 “I’m a very proud BBW!” Dede told him. “Come and get it!

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