Continuing the mystery series by ActionSammy.

Sammy Davidson, Cali Mahalen and Heidi Mills continued walking through the hallway. It had been over an hour since they had set off to find the missing guests

They were growing more tired and bored by the minute searching each bedroom and bathroom. To keep the boredom at bay, Sammy and Heidi poked fun at one another while Cali, who found most of their verbal jabs entertaining, occasionally refereed.

 “So, when are you going to cut those ridiculous dreads hanging down your face?” Heidi asked Sammy while taking a peep inside yet another bedroom.

 “There you go again with my hair!” Sammy pouted. “How many times do I have to tell you, these are not dreads? They’re braids!”

 Heidi expelled a chuckle. “Those are braids? Who braided them? Minnie Mouse?”

 “Be quiet!”

 “Why don’t both of you be quiet?” Cali said with a chuckle of her own. “Neither of you are making much sense!” Cali opened another door to take a peep inside. As she had opened numerous doors by now and immediately closed them after giving the room a scan, she was about to instinctively close the door but stopped herself. “Huh?” she muttered to herself but loud enough to attract the attention of her younger sister and her lover, both of whom quickly came over.

 “What is it baby?” Sammy asked her as he walked over. When he got to the door he muttered, “Hmh!”

 “Everything’s covered with sheets!” Heidi noted. “This is the first room we came to with everything covered!”

 “I wonder what the deal is,” Sammy said.

 “Only one way to find out,” Heidi replied while taking a step inside the room.

 “Heidi?” Cali half-shouted. “Will you get your ass back out here?”

 “Take it easy with her baby,” Sammy told Cali. “You saw how much effort it took for her to squeeze her big ass inside!”

 “Fuck you!” Heidi snapped while walking around the room.

 “You’re looking at my sister’s ass?” Cali shot Sammy a frown which he immediately knew she didn’t intend to be menacing and he just shook his head with a grin.

 Sammy slowly walked inside the room. Cali followed him while clutching his arm and they had soon joined Heidi, the three of them standing in the center of the room, staring at the white sheets that covered all the furniture.

 “Either someone was about to pack,” Heidi suggested, “or was just moving in?”

 “I don’t recall Markinson mentioning that he was planning to move,” Cali pointed out. “You suppose someone’s moving in with him?”

 “That could be a possibility,” Sammy said. “He must’ve been getting lonely here all by himself.”

 “Hell, I’d move in with him!” Heidi said. “I sure wouldn’t mind living in this great big place!”

 “You would need all the room you can get!” Sammy said with plenty of acid.

 “Oh, shut the fuck up before I pin you down and give you haircut, shorty!”


 “You heard me!”

 “I ain’t short!”

 “You two are nuts!” Cali said, trying to contain another chuckle.

 They walked around the room. They had their backs turned to the door and Sammy just happened to turn his head behind them and saw an ax coming down…

Liked it
  • norlaw on Aug 17, 2012

    Very good. Keep it up

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