Continuing the mystery series by ActionSammy.

Deana Harwell still wasn’t enjoying being in charge. In fact, immediately after she was chosen she started hating every minute of it and it keeps getting worse the longer she spends looking for the missing guests who wandered off. Before each group went their separate ways to search a specific part of the mansion she gave orders for everyone to meet back in the living room in one hour. As many twists and turns she, Steven Jones, Sandra Russell, Cleo DeMoy and Sharon Slawson have made since they’ve been since they started searching, they probably won’t be able to find their way back to the living room.

 Although she had decided to take the second floor, after they had walked around for a bit she decided to walk up to the third floor. Now they were walking down the hall, checking each den, bedroom and bathroom.

 “My, this place is bloody huge!” Sharon noted.

 “Yeah, it’s quite humongous!” Steven said in agreement with his fellow Briton.

 “I’ve driven up and down this way many times,” Cleo began to say, “and seen this place before but I never imagined it’s this big on the inside!”

 “I really love all this antique stuff he has!” Sandra said. “I sure wouldn’t mind being stuck in this great big place for a while longer!” Sandra was ahead of her four friends and she heard a frightening silence, causing her to turn around. When she did she encountered four sets of glassy, questioning eyes staring upon her, prompting her to quickly say, “Aw, come on, you guys! I meant under much better conditions, of course!”

 “Well, in either case, speak for yourself!” Deana told her. “I, for one, have seen enough of California, now!”

 “Amen to that!” Sharon added behind Deana.

 “Scaredy cats!” Cleo remarked. “You all haven’t seen all of California!”

 “You mean there are more haunted mansions in this state?” Steven asked, causing Deana, Sharon and Sandra to chuckle.

 “Oh, hush!” Cleo lightly snapped. “All of you!” She opened another bedroom door and made a loud gasping sound, causing the other four to quickly rush over to her. Steven gasped hard while both Deana and Sandra covered their mouths in horror.

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  • norlaw on Aug 17, 2012

    Great work

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