Continuing the mystery series by ActionSammy.

Paul Hopper tried not to pay attention to what Laurie Marcus, Tonia Hartfeld and Donna Willis were babbling about as the four of them walked down the hallway. Whatever they were discussing, he felt, was something that he no doubt would take an interest in anyway. He tried to stay focused on the current task, like finding out where everybody else went.

 “Now when I was livin’ Virginia,” Laurie went on in her usual chatterbox manner, “right down the street from me was this ol’ gal who would come up to me an’–”

 “Damn, woman!” Paul finally yelped. “Do you ever give that mouth of yours a break?”

 “Only when there’s somethin’ in it to keep it occupied!”

 Both Donna’s and Tonia’s eyebrows instantly rose and they tried, without much success, to keep from grinning at Laurie.

 “Now why do I get the feelin’ you’re not talking about an ice cream sandwich?” Tonia asked her.

 “Because an ice cream sandwich would be too soft?” Donna asked, as if taking a guess.

 The three women laughed quietly but Paul merely shook his head. “Can we just keep looking,” he said while opening yet another bedroom door, “and talk about getting’ freaky later?”

 They walked into the bedroom and roamed around briefly, each one walking around an individual part of the bedroom. Laurie suddenly ran and jumped on the bed and yelled, “G’night yall!”

 “Will you get out of that bed, you damn clown?” Paul wearily asked her.

 “Oh, come on, Paul!” Tonia pouted. “Lighten up! This could be our last night alive!”

 “Yeah, an’ I always wanted to go out with a, um, bang!” Laurie added.

 “You two really do need to quit.” Donna had her back turned as she continued looking around the bedroom. Like most of the bedrooms they had investigated earlier, it was full of mostly antique furniture, some pieces dated back to the late 19th century.  In fact, Donna, mused to herself, the entire mansion, at least what she has seen of it so far, furnish almost entirely with antiques. “Markinson sure is stuck in the oldin’ days!” she mused out loud.

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