Lars awoke in a cold sweat, his sheets and pillows thrown to the side as if a hurricane wind had blown in during the night.  He looked at his hands, his walls, his surroundings, delightedly realizing he was now awake.  He let out a loud sigh of relief as he checked the clock, ticking loudly from his bedside table.  3:24, he read, shaking his head slightly as he tried to regain his composure.

“Bad dream?” asked the mass to his right, lying beneath the sheets to where it was impossible to see Lars’ wife’s beautiful face.  

“Extremely.” Lars replied, breathing deeply in an attempt to slow his heart back down before going back to sleep.

“What happened?”

Lars got out of bed and walked to his window, pushing his hair back as if to push the dream back into his mind.  He looked out across the cornfields in his backyard, considering whether or not he should tell her about it.  It all seemed so real, like he hadn’t been asleep at all.  Like this was the work of a true demon, invading his brain and warning him of future transgressions it may just take against him.  Would telling these to his wife lead her to the demon’s bad side?  Would he be damning her to the same hell he faced, which come to think of it had been plaguing him for weeks?  Would she, his dream woman, be forced to walk out after hearing the inner workings of his mind?

“I’m fine,” said Lars, deciding it was for the best that she not know.  ”Go back to sleep.”

“Just tell me about it,” she probed, maintaining her place beneath the sheets.  ”It’ll make you feel better.”

And this was why he loved her.  She cared about him.  She wanted to help in anyway she could.  She was always concerned, always hoping to help.  If there was a real demon after him, she could help him face it.  She could help him beat it.  She could be the one to understand his problems, to help put them into some kind of semblance of order.  If anybody on Earth could or would help, it would be she.  He took a deep breath, steadying himself before beginning the story of his dream.

“Well,” he started, recanting his dream.  ”I was back in my childhood home…”

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  • johnmariow on Aug 22, 2012

    Great story with lots of twists. I like the ending.

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