Bad habits.

I know many people can relate about this topic, people like me who are not fortunate enough to afford a vehicle. In this situation, we don’t have any other choice but to commute, and the most affordable means of our transport nowadays is riding our very own “jeepney”.  Everyone knows a typical jeepney, and also the inconvenience that happens during our travel. I know you know one of them, and now I’ll enumerate these annoying incidents that trigger our boiling point.

  • Smoking Passengers - as we all know that it is now prohibited to smoke inside a public utility vehicle, but still, some “manong” can’t avoid the habit of doing it
  • Passengers who use their cellphones as a radio - this pisses me off! I have encountered some passengers who do this sick habit, they switched their mobile phones to loudspeaker mode while inside the jeepney. Sound trip? Come on, buy a headset!
  • Passengers singing loud while they have their earphones on - Finally, “mister sound trip” bought a headset, but this time he sings loud inside the jeepney. Can’t you help yourself to remain quiet and just listen to the music? What I hate more about this weird habit is, most of the passengers who did this love music but music didn’t love them. Frankly, they don’t have the talent to sing, the notes hate them!
  • Passengers who talk so loud while talking on the phone - I don’t know if they just can’t hear how loud they way they talk. This really makes me want to grab the mobile phone and throw it out the window.
  • Passengers who are too lazy to pass the fare to the driver - I know that we are not obliged to, but taking initiative to pass someone else’s fare is a simple form of cooperation. Just imagine if you are too far from the driver or the barker and no one wants to help you pass your fare, you might just pay when you are about to go off.
  • Passengers who don’t read the signboard of the vehicle - this is a very simple annoying thing where most passengers can’t avoid. I still remember when a woman was so angry because that her destination was not a part of the route. She rode the jeepney in Cubao, she didn’t notice the jeepney’s route is Antipolo via Junction, when in Sta.Lucia instead of going straight, the driver go right. The woman went on rampage saying this “Akala ko ba biyaheng Antipolo ‘to? Bakit hindi kayo dumiretso?” The driver replied, “Opo biyaheng Antipolo po dadaan ng Junction, hindi niyo ho ba nabasa”.  Then the woman suddenly changed the tone of her voice saying “Ay! Junction ba? Akala ko dadaan ng Marcos Highway”, then the woman went off the jeepney in a flash. Shame on her!
  • Passengers who pay with a large denomination of money (especially in the morning) - I know what manong driver feels when he encountered someone like this and he really can’t give the change to the passenger. If you are familiar with “Barya lang po sa umaga”, where every driver have this in his ride in forms of a notice or through stickers, I think we should be kind enough to consider the simple request.
  • Girls whose hair hit our face while on a very windy travel - “Sumusunod sa galaw ko, sumusunod!”, girls please, I beg you to be sensitive on how your hair can make someone irritated. No further explanations.
  • Passengers who can’t help not to show their public display of affection -Just last week when I was on my way home, two lovebirds can’t wait to cuddle each other, they hug, they kiss, and they are inside a public transport. The worst part of this situation is, they are in front of two kids who stared at them wondering what they are doing.

Ethics, according to Wikipedia is also known as moral philosophy,which pertains about morality-defining concepts such as good and evil, right and wrong,  virtue and vice,  justice,  etc. Without this, we are worst than the lowest form of creature ever lived. If you can add more about the topic I shared here, please tell me, include it on your comment and I’ll make a part two of this post.

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