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Thanks to Sue, I’ve never looked this beautiful before in my life.

Steve and I are at The Manor in Verona, NJ – just a few minute drive from where we live.

I’m so glad that Sue decided to  lend me her dress because everyone dining in here is completely dressed up in business attire.

Steve is wearing black dress pants, a black button up shirt and a white tie with a black jacket draped over his broad shoulders. He looks incredibly handsome. His black hair is pushed back off of his face and it brings out his eyes. What did I do to get lucky enough to even be able to MEET this guy?

“So, you never really speak of your past…” He starts. What a wonderful way to start a conversation.

“It’s not something I’m proud of.” I say, unfolding the beautifully folded napkin and instantly feeling guilty for destroying it.

“Do you mind if I ask you questions? After all, we are roommates and friends and hopefully my girlfriemd?” The way he ends that sentence seems like a question.

“Yes.” I nod, still looking down.

“Yes, I can?” He asks.

“I said yes.” I look up into his bold blue eyes.

“Birth parents?” He asked.

“What about them?” I play coy.

“Did you know them?”

“As much as a 4 year old could know her crack head birth mom who left me with my heroin addict father. He tried to sell me for a kilo of heroin. Thankfully, the guy he thought he was buying from, was an undercover cop and took me in and protected me.” I look away.

“I am so sorry, Caitlyn.” Steve reaches his hand across the table and places it on mine.

“You don’t need to stop asking if you’re curious.” I said.

“What happened from there?” He asked, almost too quickly.

“That cop, he didn’t want to just send me to foster care, so he tried to get me somewhere to go, somewhere that I wouldn’t be mistreated or in the same position as I was. He kept me at the police station with him for I think it was 72 hours, that’s what his chief said when he had found out. He was so cool though. He was a new cop, I think. He was young. He fed me, we played games. I wanted to live with him. He said he would try to find me one day and he hoped I would survive the hell of the foster care system. He gave me this.” I hold up my arm and let Steve see the bracelet that I never take off.

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