A funny story between husband and wife.

A wife that her husband seduce a captious with half the force in order to make her beautiful jewelry.
Karna can’t stand with whining certifying finally the husband bought a diamond ring is very beautiful for the wife.
Of course the wife is very happy, but before giving the ring the husband told the wife of the promise.
Husband: Ma, ni ring I love but mama must promise, that mama would not show off to temen2 mama or anyone else. for any reason
Wife: Ok deh pap …
Husband: Bener ya ma, breaking promises, kalo mama mama will regret and shame …
Wife: Ok pa, kalo sampe mama ngelanggar promise, mama is ready to suffer the consequences.
A few days later, the wife of the great upset to her husband …
Wife: papa keterlaluannnnnnnn …..
Husband: Why Mam?
Wife: want to put where the face of mama, mama ngolokin pas arisan temen2 said ring papi love tu imitation. Mami maluuuuuuu …..
(With entengnya) my husband answered: do you fit the promise, mama dah ready to suffer the consequences if mama mamerin tu ring to temen2 mama.
Wife: husband fucking … …!!!!

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